GroupTogether Collection Setup

Who are you collecting for?

What kind of collection would you like to setup? Choose one of the following options


Like to donate a % to charity?

GroupTogether gives you a chance to donate a percentage of this collection to charity.

Start typing the name of your charity and select from the menu. If you don't see it listed, just type in the name.

The percentage you nominate will be deducted from each person's contribution.

Would you like to donate a percentage to charity?

Donation Information

You choose whether friends can see how much money has been collected.

Would you like everyone to see the total amount donated?

Would you like to set a target amount that everyone can see?

How much would you like friends to contribute?

You can ask friends to contribute a set amount per person or leave it to them to decide.

Friends can contribute:


Who pays the fee?

For each contribution, we charge a tiny fee to cover transaction costs. For bank transfers (3%), Visa or MC (4% + $0.25) and (5% +$0.30) for International cards. Eg. if a friend contributes $30 by bank transfer, the fee is 90c, less t... than the cost of a card. [Read more]

We can take that fee out of each contribution. Eg. if a friend contributes $15, the collection receives $14.55.

Or, we can add it onto the contribution. Eg. if a friend contributes $15, they are charged $15.55 and the collection receives $15.

It’s your choice.


Your Collection is FEE FREE!! Yay!! Click next to continue.

Who pays the fee?

When will the collection close?

Choose the last day your friends will be able to contribute to this collection. You will be able to withdraw the money 2 business days later.

We will email gentle reminders to friends who haven't responded so you don't have to.

What would you like to call your collection?

When we email the invitation, we will use the collection name as the subject line of the email. Keep it simple.. eg. 'Group Gift for Nick's Birthday'.

In case a friend can’t find your invitation, would you like them to be able to search for it on our website?

What are you collecting for?

Enter collection item (eg. cost of dinner / cost of drinks / charity donation)

Show total amount collected
Set a target amount
Who pays the fees
When will the collection close?
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