How To Ask For Money As A Gift (For Any Occasion)

By Ali + Julie on 22 May 2023

Asking for money doesn't have to be awkward.

Don’t want fifty vases and hate the waste of unwanted gifts? Asking for money as a gift might feel uncomfortable or impersonal, but it can actually be a practical and thoughtful way to ensure the recipient gets exactly what they want or need. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or any other special occasion, gathering contributions from friends and family can help create a meaningful and valuable gift. In this blog post, we will explore the art of asking for money for a gift and introduce you to GroupTogether, a fantastic platform that simplifies the process by allowing everyone to chip in effortlessly and most importantly, sign a fantastic group card so that it stays personal and memorable.

The Benefit Of Asking For Money:
Before diving into the specifics of how to ask for money for a gift, it's important to understand the numerous advantages of this approach. When you request money as a gift, you empower the recipient to choose what they truly desire or need, eliminating the risk of receiving duplicate or unwanted items. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility to save up for more expensive gifts or experiences that might be beyond an individual's budget.

Planning And Communication:
When considering asking for money for a gift, it's essential to plan and communicate effectively. Start by identifying the occasion and the purpose for which you need the funds. Then, determine an appropriate and reasonable budget that aligns with the recipient's preferences and the expectations of contributors.

Next, reach out to friends, family, and other potential contributors and explain your intentions clearly and honestly. Express the advantages of pooling funds to purchase a meaningful gift, highlighting the recipient's ability to choose something they truly want. Emphasise that the amount contributed is entirely voluntary and any contribution is appreciated.

Introducing GroupTogether:
GroupTogether is an excellent platform that simplifies the process of collecting money for group gifts. It eliminates the hassle of chasing people for contributions and managing cash or checks. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an Event: Start by creating an event on GroupTogether, providing relevant details such as the occasion, recipient, and a brief description of the gift's purpose.
  2. Invite Contributors: Utilise GroupTogether's intuitive interface to invite friends and family members to contribute. You can send invitations via email or share a link through social media platforms.
  3. Set Contribution Options: GroupTogether allows you to set a range of contribution amounts, allowing contributors to choose an amount that suits their budget. This flexibility ensures everyone can participate comfortably.
  4. Track Contributions: As people begin to contribute, GroupTogether provides real-time tracking, enabling you to monitor progress easily.
  5. Collect and Present the Gift: Once the collection period ends, you can then purchase the desired gift or experience from GroupTogether's in-built store. Note: Australian customers have the option to withdraw the pooled funds for a fee.
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Tips For Maximising Contributions:
To ensure a successful group gift, consider the following tips:

  • Start Early: Give contributors ample time to contribute, especially for larger events like weddings. Initiate the process at least a month in advance to allow people to plan and budget accordingly.
  • Personalise the Experience: Make the process more engaging by sharing anecdotes or stories about the recipient, and how the gift will bring joy and meaning to their life.
  • Encourage Sharing: Encourage contributors to spread the word to others who may want to participate, maximising the number of people involved.
  • Express Gratitude: Thank each contributor personally and express your appreciation for their generosity. A simple thank-you note or email can go a long way in fostering goodwill and encouraging future participation.

What Are The Right Words:
Here are three sample wordings you can use when asking people to contribute to a gift for yourself:

  1. Appreciative and humble

    "Dear friends, I hope this message finds you well. As my [occasion] is approaching, I wanted to reach out and share something with you. Instead of receiving individual gifts, I would be incredibly grateful if you could contribute towards a special gift for myself. Your generosity and support would mean the world to me, and I would cherish the thought and effort behind it. If you're interested in contributing (no pressure or obligation at all), here’s a link to the card and gift [add GroupTogether link here]."

  2. Excitement and inclusion

    "Hey everyone! So, my [occasion] is just around the corner, and I've come up with a fantastic idea to make it truly unforgettable. Instead of scrambling for gifts, I thought it would be incredible if you all chipped in and got me something I've had my eye on [ maybe insert the gift here]. I know it sounds a bit unconventional, but trust me, I’ll LOVE it. If you're interested in contributing (no pressure or obligation at all), here’s a link to the card and gift [add GroupTogether link here]. Looking forward to celebrating together.

  3. Sharing a dream
    "Hello, lovely friends! As you know, my [occasion] is coming up, and I have a big dream I'd love to turn into reality. Rather than traditional gifts, I'm reaching out to ask if you would consider contributing towards making my dream come true / my bucket list. Your support would mean so much to me and help me take a step closer to achieving something truly special. If you're interested in contributing (no pressure or obligation at all), here’s a link to the card and gift [add GroupTogether link here]."

Remember, it's essential to approach these requests with humility and gratitude. Express your appreciation for their willingness to contribute and emphasise that their participation is entirely voluntary.

Asking for money for a gift doesn't have to be awkward or impersonal. By recognising the benefits and adopting effective planning and communication strategies, you can create a meaningful and valuable gift that truly reflects the recipient's desires. Introducing GroupTogether as a fantastic platform streamlines the process, making it effortless for everyone to contribute. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion, asking for money and utilising GroupTogether ensures the recipient receives a gift they truly want, while also strengthening the bond among friends and family. So, embrace this approach and give the gift of choice and joy to your loved ones.

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