GroupTogether: FAQs


GroupTogether is an online platform that solves the problem of collecting money for a group collection. You can GroupTogether to collect money for any gift you can dream of. GroupTogether will invite, remind, collect, track and transfer the money on your behalf.

  • It’s easy to use: Process takes less than 5 minutes to set up a collection.It’s fast too: it takes about a minute for friends to contribute online.
  • It’s cheap as chips: Collections are free to setup. There's a small fee for each contribution. The fee covers both our administration costs and the bank's online payment processing fees.
  • The organiser chooses whether to absorb the cost or add it on like a service fee.It’s 3% for bank transfers, 4% + $0.25 for MC/Visa and 5% + $0.30 for International cards .
  • For parties, we provide online invitations, send reminders and collect RSVPs too.
  • It’s charitable: The organiser can nominate for a portion of the collection to go to charity.
  • It’s green: less packaging waste and few wasted gifts.
  • There's a lovely GroupCard to print or send - friends add a photo and message when they contribute.
  • We transfer the money to any bank account in Australia. Buy a gift or give the cash. Whatever you like.

We guide you through a quick and easy set up process:

  1. Choose whether you need RSVP services or not.
  2. Fill in the details and create your collection. You can share some with a charity, change privacy  settings, upload photos and videos, and tell your story.
  3. Pick an invitation from our gallery.
  4. Send your invitation using email.
  5. If you’d like to share a link to the collection in a newsletter or social media, we’ll send you a link to paste too.

With GroupTogether, it's very easy:

  1. We send reminders and track responses including RSVPs.
  2. We accept online payments via credit cards and bank transfers.
  3. We keep track of your invited friends and the status of your collection.
  4. Watch as your group card fills with photos and comments from friends.
  5. Use our message service to thank friends for chipping in.
  6. Direct the transfer of funds once the collection finishes.

Your payment details are encrypted and transmitted using high level SSL. All credit card details are processed by a third party payment services provider operating under strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS.) We do not keep your credit card information on file.

Never. The only time we share your email address is if you have contributed to a charity as part of the collection and are eligible for a tax receipt. The charity will email the tax receipt directly to you.

There is no limit to how many people you can invite, so Invite as many as you like!

During the setup process, you will have the opportunity to invite friends via email or social media. You can add friends using Facebook personal messages or via email (individually, cut & paste, from an email program like gmail and/or from a spreadsheet.

Absolutely. If you want to add someone after the invitation has been sent, simply go to your collection’s Track & Manage Page. Within the Manage Friends Tab, you can “Add a friend” by entering the details.

We can help you spread the word using a combination of email, social media and a unique url link., we will prompt you to add friends via email or Facebook. We also provide a collection link, a unique url, that you can post on your Facebook wall or LinkedIn page. You can also tweet it to your followers or embed it in a newsletter.

  • Every collection is free to setup.
  • GroupTogether charges a small fee for each contribution.
  • The fee is made up of 2 components: GroupTogether's administrative fee + banks processing fees.
  • Bank transfers: 3% (2% Admin Fee + 1% Bank Fees).
  • Visa/MC: 4% + 25c (2.2% Admin Fee + Bank Fees of 1.8% + $0.25).
  • If fees are passed along, then the contributor pays (like a delivery fee).
  • If the fees are absorbed, the fees are taken out of the collection amount.
  • The organizer of the collection chooses whether or not to pass along or absorb the fees.

For example:
If the organizer chooses for the fees to be absorbed, a contribution of $30 means that:

  • The organizer receives $29.10
  • The contributor is charged $30.00

If the organizer chooses for the fees to be passed along, a contribution of $30 means that:

  • The organizer receives $30.00
  • The contributor is charged $30.90

We accept POLi Payments(bank transfer), MasterCard and Visa.

Yes. However, at this time contributions are collected in AUD.

After the collection closes, GroupTogether will transfer the collection funds to any bank account you nominate in Australia. From your collection’s Track & Manage Page, simply enter your banking details into the Transfer Payment section.

If you have collected for a registered Australian charity, we will transfer the money directly to the charity. If you have collected for some other charity or cause, then we will transfer the money to any bank account you nominate in Australia. Please allow 2 business days for funds to clear.

Don't worry that you'll forget, we send you weekly reminders to enter in your transfer details. You have up to 12 months from the collection close date to enter your details. After that the funds will be forfeited.

Allow up to 2 business days for the money to be deposited into any account in Australia.

We provide you with a Track & Manage page that is the command centre of your collection/s.

  • We give you a high level snapshot of your collection.
  • You can manage your invited friends list, track hostess queries (eg. dietary preferences), add friends and send emails.
  • You can dig down into the detail of the collection and see who has contributed, how much and when.
  • You can track the group card: check photos (rearrange them if you’d like) and review the messages from friends.

We provide you with a Track & Manage Page that is the command centre of your Collection. From the Track & Manage Page, you can view the email status and find out who has responded.

If you have invited friends through Facebook private messages, you can login to Facebook and view the status of the messages.

From your collection’s Track & Manage page, you can resend the invitation.

Simply go to the Manage Friends tab, select your friend’s email address, click on the arrow at the end of the row, and choose the option “resend email” (type in a new email address if necessary).

GroupTogether will email you each time you receive a contribution to your collection.

Please email us at and we will organise a refund provided that the collection has not already been transferred. Please note that GroupTogether will not charge further fees for managing the refund but any bank transfer fees will apply.

Yes you can change your collection close date! Login to your collection, choose EDIT from the top menu and select Collection Close Date, edit and SAVE, too easy. The only exception is when the funds are in the process of or have already been transferred.

Yes. You can fundraise for anything and anyone. However, at this time, we can only transfer the funds to Australian bank accounts. If you want to choose a charity/cause not registered in Australia, GroupTogether can transfer the money to any bank account you nominate in Australia and you can send it on.

No, GroupTogether only provides a payment receipt. If part or all of the collection is being donated to a registered Australian charity, then the charity will email a separate tax receipt to each contributor.

For charities/causes not registered in Australia, no tax-deductible receipts will be provided.

At GroupTogether we find invitations are a polite way to ask friends to contribute to a collection, and we have designed them to make sure you don’t forget any details integral to your collection.

Rest assured, if you want quick and easy – we have basic invitations that take less than 1 minute to complete. You can use these if you are collecting for sports registration fees or a holiday share.

Click the 'browse' button. Choose the place on your computer that you keep your photos and select the picture you want. If it all feels too hard, just choose the text option and write your name instead. It will look cool and form part of the collage of pictures.

After your collection closes, you can choose to buy an e-gift card with the money.

  • login to your account at
  • Choose your collection
  • Click Transfer
  • Choose “e-gift card”

You can choose the brand of e-gift card or let your friend (the recipient) choose.

We’ll email you a voucher to print or forward to your friend. The link lets them choose the brand of e-gift they want to receive and tells them who the gift is from. If you chose to have a group card with your gift, it will also include that group card with everyone’s messages.

We’re updating our offer all the time. Currently we offer:

  • David Jones
  • endota spa
  • JBHifi
  • Rebel Sport
  • BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
  • Redballoon
  • Movie Card (Event Cinemas)
  • Good Food Gift Card
  • Lululemon
  • Coles
  • TDE - The Daily Edit
  • Aquabumps
  • The Dinner Ladies

You can choose or let your friend.

We’ll send you a voucher with a link to choose the gift card. You can click the link to choose. If you want the recipient to choose, give them the voucher (print or forward). It’s fun and easy.

No way! Whatever you raise goes on the card (to the nearest full dollar).

It depends on the retailer. Most retailers will send an e-gift card for any amount eg $567. There are a few who will only offer them in fixed denominations eg $50, $100. This is made clear when choosing the brand of gift card.

All gift cards are valid for the period specified in the retailer’s own terms of conditions.

In most cases they are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

The exception is Event Movie voucher. This is valid for 12 months from issue.

Unfortunately not. Our retailers won’t change them.

In line with the individual retailer’s policy, you may be able to exchange whatever you have bought with the gift card. However, most retailers will not swap it for cash.