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Need to organise a gift for your coworker? Let us take it off your to-do list! Perfect for baby, birthday, wedding, get well and farewell gifts.

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A group card and gift organized all-in-one.

A greeting card from the whole team

  • Easily create a beautiful personalized card.
  • Unlimited messages on the card.
  • 100s of card covers to customize.
  • Add photos and GIFs to the card.
  • Send online or download as a PDF to print.
  • Unlimited message length.

Collect money or add a company-bought gift

  • Transparent - avoid using your personal bank account to collect money.
  • Private - team members don't know who gave what.
  • Safe - secure payments and there's proof of what you've collected and spent.
  • Collect a set amount, any amount or let everyone sign the card without contributing.
  • Company buying the gift? No problem. Add an eGift Card to your group greeting card.
  • Choose from eGift Cards, gift baskets, flowers and plants in our Gift Store.
  • Or, give the GroupTogether AnyCard and let the recipient choose from 150+ eGift Cards.
  • Better for your coworker! They get one gift they really need.

Everything in one place. Full control.

  • Faster for you. No app required. Set up in 1 min.
  • Easier for your team - no sign up, no download, no learning anything new.
  • Avoid endless chasing. Add automatic email reminders or just share the link.
  • Track everything in your dashboard. No searching payments by cash, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp.
  • No company sign up or subscriptions.
  • Personalized URL to share with your team. Share it wherever - email, Slack, Teams.

Personalize your card design!

Peace of mind

No apps or downloads

Just click the link to pay and write a message on the card.

Trusted worldwide

Over 1 million people have used GroupTogether for their group gifts.

Secure transactions

No need to share your personal bank details with the group.

Shop from our Gift Store, or give the AnyCard and let your colleague choose.

You might be wondering

GroupTogether is free if you create a group card and collect money and spend it on a gift or egift card from one of our 150+ retail partners. See what’s available in the Gift Store.

GroupTogether charges a 5% fee if you want to give an Amazon, Target or Walmart gift card. You or the recipient can deduct this from the amount collected.

GroupTogether charges a one time fee of $5.50 USD if you only set up a group card. See what’s included here.

In the US? So sorry, you're unable to withdraw the funds. At this time the money collected can only be used to purchase a gift or eGift Card from one of our retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us.

You can use GroupTogether to set up a gift collection or a group card. Click Start on the homepage, answer a few questions and we’ll give you a link to share with your group. Your group will use the link to chip in and/or sign the card.

Once the gift collection closes you can download the card as a PDF or use a link to share it. Then, if you collected funds, you can choose eGift Cards from 150+ retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us that allows the recipient to choose the eGift Card/s they’d love to receive. Transfer of funds is not an option in the US at this time.

No, there is no limit.

Ready to make your colleague's day?

Say farewell to office gift-giving stress and up your coworker gift game with GroupTogether.