Sympathy cards from the group

The #1 rated group greeting card

Sympathy Cards For Hard Times

Show your support for a coworker, friend, or loved one with a sympathy card from the group. Anyone can sign the card and send their love. It's simple.

1. Select your Sympathy Card.

Create a card in 2 minutes, and simply share a link or invite friends and colleagues via email. You can track everything in your own dashboard.

2. Invite the whole group to sign.

Everyone clicks to sign the card online. No apps or subscriptions. Unlimited messaged. You can even add photos and GIFs!

3. Send the Sympathy Card.

Choose to download the card as a PDF to print yourself, or send it digitally.

Personalize your Sympathy card

A sympathy card that brings them comfort.

  • Unlimited messages on the card.
  • Lots of sympathy card covers to customize.
  • Add photos and GIFs to the card.
  • Download as a PDF to print.
  • Unlimited message length.
  • Invite friends and send reminders.
  • Your group doesn't need an account to sign.
  • No apps or downloads.
  • Can be signed by anyone worldwide.

Want to provide financial support? Add a gift card.

  • Easily add a gift to your card with GroupTogether.
  • You choose who pays for the gift card. Let the company pay or let everyone chip in while they sign the card. Seamless!
  • Collect a set amount, any amount or let people sign the card without contributing.
  • Your group doesn’t see who contributed what.
  • Choose from eGift Cards, gift baskets and flower in our Gift Store.
  • Give the GroupTogether AnyCard and let the recipient choose from 150+ eGift Cards.

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You might be wondering

GroupTogether is free if you create a group card and collect money and spend it on a gift or egift card from one of our 150+ retail partners. See what’s available in the Gift Store.

GroupTogether charges a 5% fee if you want to give an Amazon, Target or Walmart gift card. You or the recipient can deduct this from the amount collected.

GroupTogether charges a one time fee of $5.50 USD if you only set up a group card. See what’s included here.

No, there is no limit.

Please login to the homepage and choose your group card. You will be taken to your Track page. Your Group Card will be displayed near the top. Click the turquoise eye icon to view it. Scroll down the page to view the messages and photos. Alternatively, click the top View button to view your invitees and signees. Scroll down the list and click on the names to see individual details including the messages on the card.

Please login to the homepage and choose your group card or gift collection. You will be taken to your Track page. Find your Group Card and click the turquoise pen icon to view it.

Use the side menu to change: templates, number of columns inside the card or to add a message. Click on the card title to edit and then SAVE. Click on individual messages to edit the text or photo. Messages not associated with contributions can be deleted.