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A group card and a gift collection all-in-one.
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A greeting card from the whole group

  • Choose to add a gift or not.
  • Unlimited messages on the card.
  • 100s of card covers to customise.
  • Add photos and GIFs to the card.
  • Send online or download as a PDF to print.
  • Unlimited message length.

Easily collect money for a gift online

  • No need to collect in your personal bank account.
  • Collect a set amount, any amount or let people sign the card without contributing.
  • Your group doesn’t see who contributed what.
  • Choose from eGift Cards, gift baskets, flowers and plants in our gift store.
  • Give the GroupTogether AnyCard and let the recipient choose from 150+ eGift Cards.

Everything in one place. Full control.

  • No app required. Set up in 1 min.
  • Track everything in your dashboard.
  • No organization sign up or subscriptions.
  • Personalized URL to share with your group. Share it wherever.
  • No awkward chasing. Add emails and we can invite and remind for you.

Secure payments

We ensure the most stringent level of payment processing across a wide range of providers and we never sell your data.

Group cards to print or send digitally

What does the group see?

Send an email invite or just share a link in your group chat. Friends click to chip in and sign the card.

What does the recipient see?

Send your gift online, or print and give. The recipient will see our signature digital gift unwrapping.

We can even help with the perfect gift

GroupTogether for anything

Start a Collection

You might be wondering

Our group card is $5.50 USD for all features - unlimited people can sign, they can add a message and photo and you can even download the card as a PDF to print.

It's free to collect money for a gift or add a gift purchased by your company. You can choose from 150+ fee-free eGift Cards (including AirBnb, GrubHub, TJMaxx, Gap, Southwest Airlines, Ulta & many more), flowers and gift baskets. Most people give the AnyCard which lets the recipient choose.

If you choose to give a gift card from one of our premium retailer partners, there is a one-time charge of 5%. You can decide whether to deduct that from the total collected or pay for it with additional funds. Our premium retailer partners are Amazon, Target & Walmart.

In the US? So sorry, you're unable to withdraw the funds. At this time the money collected can only be used to purchase a gift or eGift Card from one of our retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us.

You can use GroupTogether to set up a gift collection or a group card. Click Start on the homepage, answer a few questions and we’ll give you a link to share with your group. Your group will use the link to chip in and/or sign the card.

Once the gift collection closes you can download the card as a PDF or use a link to share it. Then, if you collected funds, you can choose eGift Cards from 150+ retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us that allows the recipient to choose the eGift Card/s they’d love to receive. Transfer of funds is not an option in the US at this time.

The AnyCard is our answer to "I don't know what to give”. The AnyCard is a credit with GroupTogether that can be swapped by the recipient for any retailer eGift card that they would like best (over 100+ to choose from).

With the AnyCard, you leave the decision to the gift recipient without having to ask. Bonus! They can use the AnyCard to choose from multiple retailers and they have 3 years to swap it. Once the retailer eGift card is bought, they then have another 3 years to use it.

You have a few different options to send the card. You can send it directly to the recipient, you can send it to yourself and forward it on, or you can download the PDF and print and share it.

Please login in to the website and click on the card you want. You’ll be on your Track page. If the card is still open, please click the Edit/Close Now button to close.

Find the turquoise Give Card button (only available once the card has closed), and enter the details (to, from, message) and send. Or download as a PDF to print and give the card.

If you're collecting money with GroupTogether for the first time, you'll need to verify your identity. This is a requirement of our payment processor, Stripe, to help prevent fraud. Luckily it's fast, easy and you'll only need to complete it once. At any time during your collection being open, you can click on the red banner at the top of your Track page to complete the process. Or, once your collection closes, you'll be prompted to verify yourself. You'll need to enter your name, date of birth and the last 4 digits of your social security number. This information is encrypted and used by Stripe to verify your identity. Neither Stripe or GroupTogether uses or keeps this information once the verification is complete.

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