Group gifts
without the hassle

1. Create

Create a collection in 2 minutes and invite friends via email, text or WhatsApp.

2. Collect

Friends click to pay safely online and sign the card. You can keep track and send reminders.

3. Spend

Give a gift from our retail partners, withdraw it (AU only) or split it how you want.

Watch how easy it is to make someone's day!

GroupTogether for anything

Start a Collection

We can even help you with the perfect gift


Send a card from everyone

Send a beautiful card filled with messages and pics from your group. Send it digitally or print and give. Want to let people sign the card without paying? It’s up to you.


Rated 4.9 / 5

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Nobody in the office - no worries

The easiest way to collect money and have people sign a card for any event. Especially when everyone is working remotely. I can see this way being used for the future regardless of where people are working. It’s so easy.

Penny K. 17 Jan 2022

So easy to use

Setting up the collection was easy, it was easy for people to contribute comments and funds. This resulted in an impressive farewell gift for a long-serving staff member - great system :)

Kerri Carr 16 Jan 2022

Easy to use platform for group giving.

Recommended by another class parent, I gave this a try for our teacher gift collection. Platform was easy to use, set up and track.

Lynn 16 Jan 2022

Has revolutionised end of year teacher gifts!!

I honestly would never put my hand up to be class parent if it wasn’t for group together. What a wonderful website/idea/product!! So quick and easy and no more waiting around for people to write on cards and finding a suitable gift at the shops (especially during COVID times)!!

Sozon S. 16 Jan 2022

This is a keeper!

LOVED how easy it was, their customer support was also good. Would definitely recommend anyone that has to collect money to use this service.

ESmit 19 Dec 2021

Such a great idea

With so many farewells and birthdays happening virtually, GroupTogether offers a really simple solution to this - the fact that I can create a virtual card, and gift, in one place is amazing

Tanya T 19 Dec 2021

Such a great service!

Easy way to do group cards and presents, particularly during lockdown. Great range of e-gift cards. Love it!

Clare Mullen 30 Sep 2021

What a relief GroupTogether is!!

I used it on two occasions to collect and donate money to a team coach. Both worked fabulously well, no hassles, no reminding or transferring banking details, just really easy. Thanks so much.

Pippa Clark Pierce 07 Sep 2021

You might be wondering

It's free to create and send our Free Group Card.

It's free to collect money if you spend it on a gift or gift card from one of our 70+ retail partners.

If you withdraw the funds (AU only), the way the fees are charged is per contribution:

2% + $0.35 cents per transaction for domestic credit cards and direct transfers

2.3% + $0.35 for Amex

3% + $0.40 for PayPal

5% + $0.35 cents per transaction for international credit cards

The sum of all those fees is deducted from the total collected. You can decide whether to add those fees on or to take them from the collection total.

Yes they can! The recipient can split the AnyCard across multiple retailer eGift Cards. Please note that the AnyCard doesn't carry a balance, the full amount needs to be redeemed.

The AnyCard needs to be redeemed within 3 years and then the retailer eGift Cards are valid for another 3 years and have a diminishing balance (they don't need to be spent all at once).

Sure! We’re about helping you do good things. If that’s a beautiful card with messages, then great. During the setup process, you'll be asked what we can help you with, please select a card only.

We take security very seriously. We have an SSL certificate that provides security for all online communications (https). We do not process payments - we leave that to our payment gateway, Securepay, which is run by Australia Post (AU) and Stripe (USA). We do not handle your credit card details, even temporarily and each collection is secured by 2-factor authentication to prevent someone else from accessing your funds. Our website is built on Microsoft Azure platform and is hosted on secure Microsoft servers that have rigorous safety features embedded in their architecture.

If you're an organiser you can. Once your collection closes, you can split the money across as many gifts and gift cards as you'd like. You can even transfer some of the funds to your personal bank account (AU only).

If you're a recipient you can split your AnyCard across as many gifts and gift cards as you'd like. Cash transfer is not available.

You have a few different options to send the card. You can send it directly to the recipient, you can send it to yourself and forward it on, or you can download the PDF and print and share it.

Please login in to the website and click on the card you want. You’ll be on your Track page. If the card is still open, please click the Edit/Close Now button to close.

Find the turquoise Give Card button (only available once the card has closed), and enter the details (To, from, message) and send. Or download as a PDF to print and give the card.

Celebrate better together