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Organising a group collection can be a giant hassle. Chasing people for money and always getting left short. We do it for you politely and easily. We invite your group to contribute online, which is easier for them. Then we send you the money and a group card with their messages. Everyone’s happy. No Chasing. No Out of Pocket. No Problem

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Organise your collection and/or event in five easy steps. Set up and relax. We've got this.

1 Create

Just like a traditional collection, start by entering the details about your collection, like who and what it's for and how much you would like everyone to contribute.

2 Invite

Choose a stylish email template so that friends sit up and notice. If you’re having an event, collect RSVPs too! Either way, it’s as easy as sending an email: we do the follow up.

3 Group Card

With GroupTogether's Group Card, everyone involved in the collection gets to sign the card and send a personal message to the recipient.

4 Track

We send reminders to friends who haven’t responded so you don’t have to. We notify you of contributions and reminders. You can login to your event dashboard anytime.

5 Collect

We keep track of all the contributions and once your collection has closed, GroupTogether transfers the funds to your nominated Australian bank account.

Feel Good


It’s time to say no to unwanted gifts and wrapping & cards that go straight into the rubbish. Let technology give us what we need with less waste! In line with the times, one great gift and maybe the good feeling of donating to charity. Smarter, greener, better!


We even make Thank You notes easy.

Less Waste

No unwanted gifts. Less Wrapping, packaging & petrol


Choose for friends to give the same amount or let them choose.


Secure online payment with high level SSL standards. We never sell your info

One Great Gift

Give cash in the group card or buy the gift they’ll cherish.

We Do The Tracking

No more constant checking your bank statement for who’s sent money.


Friends can contribute and sign the card in 2 minutes anywhere, anytime.


For an extra feel good factor, we make it easy to donate a portion of each collection to charity.



Choose from a wide selection of email templates for collections. Having a party? We have stylish invitation templates and collect RSVPs too.



What greater joy than to receive messages of affection from a group of our friends.

That is why every group gift is given with a group card. Friends add their personal message and upload a photo when they contribute. We email the card to you as keepsake, keep it digital or print it out.

Having a party? We have stylish invitation templates and collect RSVPs too.

pricing that's

cheap as chips

Free to setup. For each contribution, we charge a tiny fee to cover transaction costs. For bank transfers (3%), Visa or MC (4%) and Paypal (5%). You choose whether the fee is added onto (like a delivery fee) or deducted from the contribution. For example, a friend contributes $20 and pays with Visa, the fee is 80c (less than the cost of a card).



Ali & Julie are two Sydney mums, each with lots of kids and always buying gifts. We love giving gifts but realize that these days no-one wants more STUFF!

We want to give the gift that our friend really wants - and when we get our friends to group together - we can give the perfect gift - the epic surfboard or funds for a dream trip. Something we can’t do on our own.

Just as important, we want it to feel gracious. Stylish email invitations, polite reminders, personalized messages from friends and easy thank you notes afterwards.

Combine that with the option to donate some to charity and to have less waste from unwanted gifts & gift wrap and we find it just feels better all round. We hope you like it too.



“Thoughtful gifts can enhance family relationships and bring people closer together.” Julie Tylman, Co-Founder

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