A birthday gift
they'll really love

It's easy to give an OMG birthday gift.

1. Create

Create a collection in 2 mins. Set a contribution amount or let friends chip in what they can.

2. Collect

Share a link and friends simply click to chip in online and write a message on the card.

3. Spend

Choose from 150+ eGift Cards, or give the AnyCard and let the recipient decide.


A birthday card
from the whole gang

Your friend will LOVE their birthday card filled with messages and photos from everyone.

Create a free group card on its own (yes...it's really free), or let everyone chip in for a gift as well. You can even personalise the front cover!

Give an AnyCard and let them choose from 150+ brands.

Say happy birthday with GroupTogether

You might be wondering

Our group card is completely free for all features - unlimited people can sign, they can add a message and photo and you can even download the card as a PDF to print.

It's also free to collect money for a gift if you give the AnyCard and any of our Level 1 retailer partners. Most people give the AnyCard which lets the recipient choose from 150+ eGift Cards.

If you choose an eGift Card from one of our Level 2 partners, there is a one-time charge of 5%. You can decide whether to deduct that from the total collected or pay for it with additional funds.

In the US? So sorry, you're unable to withdraw the funds.

You can use GroupTogether to set up a gift collection or a group card. Click Start on the homepage, answer a few questions and we’ll give you a link to share with your group. Your group will use the link to chip in and/or sign the card.

Once the gift collection closes you can download the card as a PDF or use a link to share it. Then, if you collected funds, you can choose eGift Cards from 150+ retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us that allows the recipient to choose the eGift Card/s they’d love to receive. Transfer of funds is not an option in the US at this time.

No, at this time the money collected for the gift can only be used to purchase a gift or eGift card from one of our retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us.