Earn Money For Your School
with GroupTogether

How it works

Help us spread the word!
We know fundraising can be hard. That's why we'd love to give back to your school for helping us spread the word with Room Parents.

Three easy steps:

1. Register your school in 1 min and we'll send you a unique promo code within a few hours.

2. Share this with Room Parents to use. They can add it when they use GroupTogether to organize teacher's gifts.

3. For every eligible gift we will donate $10 to your school, PTA or PTO.

Maximize your fundraising!
Your school's promo code can be used for any GroupTogether gift - perfect for sports coach thank you gifts, office gifts, baby, birthdays and weddings.

The #1 tool to organize teachers' gifts from the class.

GroupTogether makes organizing teacher's gifts EASY and INCLUSIVE. You choose whether to ask for a set amount, any amount or let people sign the card without contributing. Oh, and did we mention it's free to use? Yes, really.

Parents sign & pay online

Still chasing parents for cash? EEK! Simply share your GroupTogether link and everyone can sign and add a photo to the card online.

Secure transactions

No need to collect money in your personal bank account. Let everyone chip in to your gift collection, then track it all in your dashboard.

The perfect teacher gift

Give the AnyCard and let the teacher choose from 150+ eGift Cards. Download and print your card, or send online.

A beautiful way to
say thanks

What gift do teachers really want?

When we surveyed teachers, 96.9% said they'd prefer one gift from the class rather than individual gifts. And an overwhelming 90.7% said they'd prefer a gift card rather than other items like gift baskets and handmade things.

Make it personal with a heartfelt card

With GroupTogether, you can create a beautiful greeting card with messages and photos from the whole class to go with your gift card. You can choose and personalize the front cover, and even download it as a PDF to print and give in person.

The ultimate teacher's gift

Create a free group card on its own, or let parents chip in for a gift at the same time. You choose! A card + AnyCard from the whole class really is the ultimate teacher's gift for Teacher Appreciation, birthdays, holiday season and more.


Rated 4.9 / 5

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A fantastic tool!

Such a convenient way to get a group of people together to contribute to a card and gift. Every part of the experience was simple from setting up the card to inviting people to contribute to purchasing the gift. Our recipient was truly touched by all the messages and the gift card. 100% will recommend this to anyone and will definitely use it again

Katie 30 Mar 2023

Very easy to use

very easy to use, lots of helpful tips along the way and when I engaged with support they were also very helpful and provided a response super quickly, thanks!

Jill 27 Mar 2023

Great system

Great system. Worked well. I had a question, which was answered in a concise, accurate way by a real human, within 24 hours. Would definitely use this again and recommend it.

David 25 Mar 2023

Fantastic experience

Group together has provided a means for us to send our wishes to our friend living in a remote area in a more timely manner than using the traditional postage method.

Eve 23 Mar 2023

I have used GroupTogether probably 20 times

I have used Grouptogether probably 20 times in the last 3 years since first lockdown. Always so easy and straightforward to use. Very well run with great support. Thank you very much.

Anthony 22 Mar 2023

Give the AnyCard. Let the teacher choose from 150+ eGift Cards.

Ready to fundraise for your school?

You might be wondering

Eligible collections must have min. $100 collection by 10 unique contributors.

For full T&Cs, go to: https://bit.ly/408oESK

Our group card is completely free for all features - unlimited people can sign, they can add a message and photo and you can even download the card as a PDF to print.

It's also free to collect money for a gift or add a gift purchased by your company. You can choose from 150+ fee-free eGift Cards (including AirBnb, GrubHub, TJMaxx, Gap, Southwest Airlines, Ulta & many more), flowers and gift baskets. Most people give the AnyCard which lets the recipient choose.

If you choose to give a gift card from one of our Premium retailer partners, there is a one-time charge of 5%. You can decide whether to deduct that from the total collected or pay for it with additional funds. Our premium retailer partners are: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Delta Air Lines, Elements Massage, Instacart, Lowe's, Norstrom, Petsmart, Starbucks, Target, Uber & Walmart.

You can use GroupTogether to set up a gift collection or a group card. Click Start on the homepage, answer a few questions and we’ll give you a link to share with your group. Your group will use the link to chip in and/or sign the card.

Once the gift collection closes you can download the card as a PDF or use a link to share it. Then, if you collected funds, you can choose eGift Cards from 150+ retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us that allows the recipient to choose the eGift Card/s they’d love to receive. Transfer of funds is not an option in the US at this time.

In the US? So sorry, you're unable to withdraw the funds. At this time the money collected can only be used to purchase a gift or eGift Card from one of our retail partners or buy an AnyCard from us.