How it works Create. Collect. Spend.

01 — Create

Create your group

Simply tell us what you’re collecting for, how much everyone should contribute, and then invite friends via email, message or WhatsApp.

02 — Invite

Invite your friends, family and colleagues

Friends click to pay safely online and sign the card. We'll keep track and send reminders to late payers.

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Sam’s 30th

03 — Spend

Spend the money how you want

Buy gifts and digital gift cards from one our retail partners, withdraw it, or split it. You can even donate a portion to charity!

Spending with us

Collect money and spend it on the perfect gift from one of our retail partners.

Spending step 1

1. Choose a retailer

Spend on a gift card from one of the 30 specialty retailers we’ve partnered with, or let the lucky recipient choose with an AnyCard.

Spending step 2

2. Receive the gift card

The gift card will arrive in your inbox. Send it via email, print it out for hand delivery or use it to buy and send the gift.

Spending step 3

3. Gift it or spend it online

Simply enter the the code at checkout on the retailer’s website. Spend it all at once or save some for later.

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Send a card from everyone

Send a beautiful card filled with messages and pics from your group. Send it digitally, print it out at home or get it printed professionally! Want to let people sign the card without paying? It’s up to you.

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