Farewell gifts

made easy

We invite, collect, track and even organise the gift.

Everyone signs and pays online

Still passing an envelope around the office? EEK! Simply share your GroupTogether link and the whole team can sign the card and chip in online.

Transparency and control

No need to collect money in your personal bank account. Let everyone chip in to your dedicated gift collection instead. Then track it all in your dashboard.

The perfect farewell gift

Spend your collection at our Gift Store, withdraw it or a combo. Most people give the AnyCard which lets the teacher choose.


A farewell card
 from everyone

Send a beautiful farewell card with messages and photos from the whole team. You can create a free group card on it's own, or let people chip in for a gift at the same time. You choose!

The best farewell gift? Let them choose.

We know finding the perfect farewell gift can be a headache. No one has time for shopping for farewell gifts on their lunch break (who even has a lunch break?).

That's why our customers love the AnyCard. The recipient receives a beautiful digital gift box, and can then choose from a range of leading retailers. It's free and easy. Gift sorted!

Why choose GroupTogether

No apps or downloads

Just click the link to pay and write a message on the card.

Donate a % to charity

Choose to donate a portion (0-100%) to a charity of your choice.

Secure transactions

Payments are processed by SecurePay (an AusPost subsidiary).

Trusted by Aussies

Over 500,000 Aussies use GroupTogether for their group gifts.

Local support

Have questions? Live chat with our team in Australia.

Free to use

It’s free to use if you spend the money with one of our retail partners.

Farewell gift ideas



Rated 4.9 / 5

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Awesome support!!

Great service and selection of cards and gift cards.

Deanne S. 09 Jul 2021

Will definitely use again

Super easy to use and collect wishes and money during a hybrid work environment.

Jennet M. 27 Apr 2021

You solved a headache!

Excellent service, easy to navigate and made it so simple to organise a collection for a farewell of a colleague. Thank you!

Janet M. 16 Dec 2020

Thank you GroupTogether!

Such a fab way to collect money for a group present. It has always been easy and successful.

Nicky P. 10 Dec 2020

You might be wondering

It's free to create and send our Free Group Card.

It's free to collect money if you spend it on a gift or gift card from one of our 70+ retail partners.

If you withdraw the funds (AU only), the way the fees are charged is per contribution:

2% + $0.35 cents per transaction for domestic credit cards and direct transfers

2.3% + $0.35 for Amex

3% + $0.40 for PayPal

5% + $0.35 cents per transaction for international credit cards

The sum of all those fees is deducted from the total collected. You can decide whether to add those fees on or to take them from the collection total.

Sure! We’re about helping you do good things. If that’s a beautiful card with messages, then great. During the setup process, you'll be asked what we can help you with, please select a card only.

An AnyCard is GroupTogether's way of making wonderful gift-giving even easier. Why sweat what the perfect gift might be when you can let the recipient choose the perfect gift for themselves? Genius!

The AnyCard is a credit with GroupTogether that can be swapped by the recipient for any retailer eGift card that they would like best (over 70+ to choose from). That way you leave the decision to them without having to ask. They have 3 years to swap it and then the retailer eGift card is good for 3 more years and they don’t have to spend it all in one go.

If you choose the AnyCard we will add back the fees so you can use the total amount collected, and once purchased, we will immediately send you a gift email that you can print & give or forward onto the recipient.

For an Overview, see our How To Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyJhcconT0k

Please login in to the website, https://www.grouptogether.com and find your collection. If you don't see it, please check the PAST tab. You’ll be taken to your Track page. Find the SPEND button and click that. Now it’s like an e-commerce site and you use the menu at the top to choose what you'd like to do or scroll down the gift shop to see what's available. Select the item you want, fill in the details and ADD to your shopping bag.

Once you've spent all the money, choose CHECKOUT in your shopping bag. Review your items and proceed either to review your group card or to finish checkout.

If you buy an AnyCard, we immediately email it out, please check spam if you don't see it.

If you buy a gift card, we email it out as soon as it's been processed, please check spam if you don't see it. Most gift cards are emailed immediately, a few can take longer - please check the retailer information before you select the gift card.

If you transfer funds (AU only), please allow 2 business days for it to clear. Since it's a transfer, we don't send you a gift email, please use the Share or Download button to share the group card with the recipient.

To be eligible for the $50 eGift Card, you must use the EA Institute promo code and:

- Be a first time customer of GroupTogether.

- Use your corporate email address (e.g. [email protected]).

- Collect at least $100.

- Have at least 5 contributors to the collection.

For LinkedIn competition Terms & Conditions, please visit: bit.ly/3EXPkwt

View the T&Cs: bit.ly/3JBaNhA

Must be a first-time gift collection organiser, collect min. $100 and have 5 unique contributors to be eligible to receive the $20 AnyCard. Collection must be organised and spent by 31 May 2023. Must use promo code 'GroupTogether' or 'Chocolate' during set-up.

Cookie dietary information:

The cookies contain eggs, dairy, gluten and are made in an environment that contains nuts. There are no safeguards in place to strictly protect against cross-contamination in regards to nuts. Please, if in doubt, do not take risk it if there is a risk of allergic reaction.

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