Top Gifts For Toddlers

By Ali + Julie on 28 Apr 2023

Birthday time for toddlers is rather magical: watching them rip open gifts, listening to the squeals of delight and seeing those smiling faces. What’s not so magical is the well-intentioned but inappropriate gifts that they may unwrap. Tiaras, toy drums, toy guns, sexy dolls? Can we ask - what’s the thinking here or was that the problem to begin with? So we thought we’d ask our community of mums what was the best gift their toddlers received that kept them happy and occupied for months or even years!

We’re all about buying the gift that lasts, so some are on the $$$ side – that’s why it’s best to GroupTogether for them. If 20 kids chip in $15 each, OMG! One AMAZING gift. If you’re nervous about the awkwardness of setting up a group gift for your own child – don’t be, group gifts are the new black. GroupTogether takes the awks away with stylish invitations and examples of polite ways to phrase the invitation. We also send reminders, collect contributions, track responses, and transfer the gift funds as well as create the perfect card with everyone’s messages and photos.

If you’re still not sure, you can always ask a friend to set one up for you. Or better yet, use GroupTogether’s free concierge service to do it for you. But first, check out our best gift guide.

Training Bike

Your child’s very first bike, you want to make it a good one where they can develop their sense of balance and motor skills with as little stress as possible. There is a wide variety on the market from retro wooden fliers to high injection molded composite frames, all available in a range of colours.

First Car

Tiny feet and huge imaginations will power their first car. This gift will be used for years, believe me, even when they’re too big to fit inside, they’ll ride on top. They come in all shapes and sizes and for the decadent splurge, you can even buy a battery-powered car too!

Play House

This is the perfect group gift for toddlers. It’s a high-ticket item but it provides years of imaginative, fun playtime. Depending on space constraints and cost, you can choose from the classic one-room house to a bespoke modern tree house cum playground.

Activity Table

A multipurpose life saver that is at the perfect size for little ones, allowing them to comfortably play, build, paint, draw and create. To keep the house neat and tidy, be sure to choose one with extra storage for all of the kiddies’ bits and bobs.


Really…is there any need to even explain this one? From toddler to tween this group gift is an absolute winner.

Designer Doll Pram

As a mum of 3 boys, I can testify that the doll pram is one of the best toys my kids ever received. For about 18 months my twins played with theirs non-stop. Occasionally they would put the doll in there, but mostly they would race them up and down the driveway filled with their favourite stuffed animals or trains and cars. Upgrade to a designer pram for the Princess or standard for everyone else. Perfect!

Collecting from friends for a party gift can be awkward, but group gifts are a game-changer. For parents of invited kids, it eliminates the stress of choosing and affording the right gift, saving time and anxiety. Likewise, hosting parents appreciate the idea of their child receiving a beloved gift. While it may feel etiquette-challenging, GroupTogether offers polite invitation wording options. You can also ask someone else to set it up for you if that's more comfortable. Either way, simplifies the process: it's free and quick to set up, handling invitations, collection, reminders, group cards, and transferring funds or e-gift vouchers.

Group gift for the next kid's birthday gift

Let everyone chip in for a gift and sign a super cute card with GroupTogether!

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