6 Ways To Help A Friend In Need This Christmas

By Ali + Julie on 18 Oct 2023

“We’ve been thinking of you” really doesn’t cut it. But what does?

The holiday season is often hailed as a time of joy, generosity, and togetherness, but for many individuals and families, it can be a time of struggle and loneliness. While Christmas is a time for giving, it doesn't always have to revolve around material gifts. In fact, some of the most meaningful gifts you can give are the ones that come from the heart and have a lasting impact. This holiday season, let's shift our focus from the commercial aspects of Christmas and explore the ways we can extend a helping hand to friends who may be facing challenges.

Divvy Up The Jobs

Rather than everyone saying “If there’s anything I can do…”, determine what’s needed and divvy up the jobs. It’s hard to ask for help. However, if you suggest 3 things and ask what’s most useful, it’s easier to say “yes”.

  • Drive kids to activities or your friend to doctor appointments
  • Be chief researcher about treatments
  • Get financial advice
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Take your friend on an outing

Meal Roster

I had four kids under five at one stage. Although looking back it’s a bit of a blur, I’ll never forget my sister-in-law bringing round food for my freezer and homemade pureed food for my twin babies. As much as the food itself (which was fantastic), it was the sense that someone really cared and actually did something. But you don’t have to cook yourself. Consider these ideas;

  • Chip in for meal delivery service or weekly fruit & veg
  • Cook yourselves,
  • Fill up the freezer, or deliver fresh milk and bread.
  • Chip in for an Uber Eats card.

Don't forget to check for dietary requirements first!

Cash: Pass The Hat Around

Sometimes, the most direct and practical way to help someone in need during Christmas is by giving them cash. While some might hesitate to give money as a gift, it can provide individuals and families the flexibility to address their most pressing needs, whether it's buying groceries, paying bills, or purchasing essentials. Cash gifts can provide a sense of empowerment and dignity, allowing recipients to make choices that best suit their unique circumstances. It's a simple yet impactful way to show care and support during the holiday season. It takes just 1 minute to set up and share a fundraising page with GroupTogether.

Free But Meaningful

Sometimes, it’s really the thought that counts. So, why not pull a few friends together to create a real difference? Even more, remind people to stay in touch beyond the first week. The result will be that your friend will be supported over the time it takes to heal.

  • Regular contact – remind everyone.
  • Just sending a text, a letter, or making a call to listen or offer a kind word can make someone feel valued and less alone.
  • Going to a specific store? Say “Send me your list”
  • Send a playlist or suggestions of the best TV binge-series in their favourite genre.

Pay For Help

Instead of material gifts, you can make a meaningful impact by offering to pay for essential services or assistance for those in need. Whether it's covering a month's worth of groceries, utility bills, or childcare expenses, this gesture can provide immediate relief and support to individuals or families facing financial hardship during the holiday season.

Group Gift

One person who’s thoughtful enough to organise everyone else’s good intentions can make something great happen. So, at Christmas, it’s the perfect time to show you care. It only takes a group of people chipping in a small amount each to give one thing that really makes a difference. Again, perhaps ask for a hint first.

  • Magazine or Netflix subscription
  • A special experience for the family, toys or vouchers
  • Basket of goodies for someone sick – PJs, mags, lip balm, tea, etc.
  • A gift for a newborn that’s useful – See more ideas HERE
  • A piece of keepsake jewellery that reminds your friend of your friendship every time it’s worn.

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