Asian Themed Dinner Party at Home

By Ali + Julie on 8 Mar 2023

Asian dinner party at home.

Here at, we love a party. But it feels harder in Winter. Stiffer, less relaxed. How can you still make it fun?

We went all out with this Asian themed party perfect for a Hens night or birthday.

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Table decor – candles and orchids
Table decor – fortune cookies on Chinese paper
Lamb ribs with pomegranate and mint
Asian banquet at home – pad thai
Asian banquet – sushi, soy in tea pot, steamer boxes as plates
Trout with wasabi peas.
Alternatively, slice the trout sahimi style
Larb gai served with lettuce cups
pot stickers. too busy to line them in rows. in they go!

So, what’s GroupTogether?

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