Best Group Greeting Card Websites: Compare Price, Ease, Ways To Send & More

By Ali + Julie on 16 Mar 2022

Wondering what’s the best website to create a free group ecard? We’ve compared the top sites for you, so you can create a really special greeting card for the next birthday, farewell, baby shower, thank you or any of life’s special moments.

Creating a virtual group card is a great way to celebrate those special occasions. Imagine opening up a personalised card to see your friends’ faces with a beautiful message from each – so nice! Creating a group card online is really great for the office, with more people working remotely or a ‘hybrid’ model it’s difficult to get everyone’s signatures on a farewell, maternity or retirement card. By creating an eCard, everyone simply signs the card and adds a photo online from wherever they are in the world.


  • It’s free to create.
  • Unlimited people can leave a message. Yes….unlimited!
  • It’s easy to organise – simply create online in 2 minutes then share a URL, everyone clicks a link to sign and add a photo/GIF.
  • No credit card details required by you or anyone signing.
  • Choose & personalise your front cover.
  • You can give it digitally or print it out, you’ll receive a PDF so you can easily print it at home or in the office.
  • No downloads or apps.
  • Invite people via email and schedule reminders to sign the card. Live chat support based in Australia.
  • Allow people to chip in for a gift while signing the card (Australia only).
  • Trusted by over 500K people worldwide.
GroupTogether is fantastic. So easy to use for everyone and the card that’s created at the end is just lovely. – Helen, 10 Dec 2020


We’ve compared the leading group card website from across the world and looked at features such as ease of use, price, support, ways to send and added features like reminders, the ability to collect for a gift and more.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy, free to use and has lots of extra features then is the best website to create your free group ecard. You can choose the cover of your group card and personalise it with a special message to the recipient.

GroupTogether's Free Group Card is available worldwide, so it's great for teams who might be working across different countries or sending birthday wishes from family spread across the world. Everyone simply clicks a link to add their message (up to 1000 characters!), and they can also upload a photo or choose a GIF.

There are a few options to give your greeting card. You can easily send it online as an eCard by simply sharing a link with the recipient. Or, you can download a PDF of your card to print & give.

GroupTogether is loved by customers - rated 4.9 stars and trusted by over 500K people worldwide with customers across Australia, United States & more.

Need a group greeting card?

Send a beautiful group greeting card with messages and pics from everyone. It's 100% free (no catches!). Just share a URL and everyone clicks to sign.

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