20 Gift Ideas For Your Boss (They'll Actually Like)

By Ali + Julie on 29 Sep 2023

So you need to buy a gift for your boss? New fear unlocked…

We get it, there isn’t much else in this world that could make you wig out more than having to organise a gift for your boss. Whether it's for Boss's Day (ICYMI: Boss’s Day is on October 16th), their birthday, a new baby or even thinking of you - here are 20 unique gift ideas for your boss that they’ll actually like.

Boss’s Day? Who what now??

Every year on October 16th, employees worldwide have a golden opportunity to express their gratitude and appreciation for the person who steers the ship. Yes, we're talking about Boss's Day (also known as National Boss Day). It was first observed in the United States in the early 1960s. It was the brainchild of Patricia Bays Haroski, a secretary working for her father at State Farm Insurance Company, Illinois. The date (October 16th) was actually her father's birthday! She registered Boss's Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the day gained popularity as an opportunity to show appreciation for the often-challenging role of a boss.

Should you give your boss a gift?

Boss's Day is a relatively new concept in Australia, but regardless of whether you're celebrating it you might find yourself needing to organise a gift for your boss at some point in your career. Firstly, it’s always SO much better to give a gift from the whole team, rather than just from yourself. It will mean a lot more to your boss knowing everyone in the team has rallied together to say ‘thanks’. I know what you’re thinking…that will be a nightmare trying to collect money from my colleagues! And how do I get everyone to sign the card? Well, it’s actually super simple if you use GroupTogether. It’s a free website that lets groups chip in for a gift and sign a card online.

The all-time favourite gift for your boss

#1 A card from the whole team and a GroupTogether AnyCard

There’s really nothing quite like a card filled with heartfelt messages of ‘thanks’ and pics from the whole team. It will be a special keepsake for your fearless leader, knowing what they do is appreciated. With GroupTogether, you can create a free group e-card with unlimited messages! Yes, you read that right. Everyone can upload a pic, and you can print the card or send it digitally.

You also have the option to let everyone chip in a little money to put towards a gift. They can do this online when signing the card so you don’t have to run around the office with an envelope or have your colleague’s money in your personal account (ick!).

Once you’ve collected the money online, the most popular gift is the GroupTogether AnyCard which will let your boss choose from 150+ eGift Cards including Amazon, Target & more. The gift of choice means they can get something they really want. Thanks, boss!

More gift ideas for your boss

#2 Desk carafe

When you’re running from meeting to meeting, no one wants to carry a giant water bottle. A carafe set for your boss will not only look gorgeous but will also make staying hydrated throughout the day an absolute pleasure. We love the J’ai Soif carafe and glass from Maison Balzac because they’re expertly crafted from Borosilicate glass, inspired by the traditional drinkware sets displayed on bedside tables in France. You can also choose from a range of stunningly bold colours.

#3 Laptop stand

Even as I’m writing this article, I realise I’m hunched over into the shape of a croissant. Posture! I can hear my mum saying. Help your boss avoid the same mistake with a laptop stand / pedestal. We like the Griffin Laptop Stand, but you might opt for one a little more portable if your boss is always on the go.

#4 Plant or flowers

A classic ‘thank you’ gift! Especially if everyone is working remotely, you can have it delivered on Boss’s Day. A plant is especially nice as it’s a gift that keeps on giving and will look great on their desk. If you collect the money with GroupTogether, you can choose from a range of plants and flowers available in the Gift Store.

#5 Tickets to a game or show

Is your boss a sports fanatic? Or a theatre lover? Then why not get them tickets to an upcoming game or show. Play it safe and give a Ticketmaster gift card (in case they're not available on that date).

#6 Trendy laptop bag

Everyone needs a stylish laptop bag! Have a think about their style and what would compliment their vibe. Whether it’s something more professional like leather to organic materials to a brightly coloured laptop bag - choose something that represents their personality. We’re loving this puffer-jacket style laptop sleeve!

#7 Tech

If you have a larger team and have collected a few hundred dollars, you might want to consider getting your boss some new tech items like good quality headphones.

#8 Stationery or a nice pen

Some bosses have transitioned to purely digital note taking, but for those of us who still love the feel of pen on paper - a beautiful and high quality notebook and pen is a great gift! You can’t go past Moleskin for a classic option.

#9 Yeti lunch bag (well, actually, anything Yeti)

I bought this for my father recently and his eyes lit up! Yeti products really are superior quality, and the Yeti Daytrip Packable Lunch Bag is perfect for bringing lunch to the office. It’s dad-approved and I’m sure it will be boss-approved too.

#10 A blanket to have at the desk

Jacket on. Jacket off. Jacket on. Jacket off. Is your boss always freezing? Give them a stylish throw to have at their desk so they can easily put it over their shoulders, or legs to warm up and stay comfy.

#11 A nice bottle of whiskey

We wouldn’t normally recommend booze as an office gift, but if you KNOW your boss is a whiskey aficionado then a nice bottle from the team would be really appreciated. PS: Japanese whiskey is trending now!

#12 A beautiful book (in your industry)

This is particularly relevant for anyone in the creative industries! A beautiful book for inspiration might just be the perfect gift. Check out recent publications or what’s trending.

#13 Something unique that shows you get them

It’s a fact, you spend SO many hours a week with your boss and colleagues that you really end up getting to know them quite well (maybe too much!). So if there’s something in their work life that often annoys them, get them a gift to help! A messy desk? Get them a desk vacuum. Phone always on 1%? Get them a portable charger. Be careful though - you don’t want to point out a flaw that they’re not aware of!

Boss’s Day gift cards

If your boss has everything and you’re not quite sure what to get - don’t risk it! There’s nothing worse than giving a gift that will sit in their desk drawer, or worse, they’ll feel obliged to use it when they don’t really like it.

When in doubt, give a gift card! It will let your boss choose what they really want or need. Here are some of our favourite gift card options.

#14 Endota Spa voucher

Let your boss de-stress from the worries of the day with an Endota Spa voucher! The perfect way to relax and forget about work for an hour, they’ll REALLY appreciate this.

#15 Airbnb voucher

Give them a weekend away to unwind with an Airbnb voucher from the team. If everyone chips in a little, you’ll be able to give a voucher for a few hundred dollars so they splurge on a nice place!

#16 Rebel Sport voucher

For the sports-loving or gym junkie bosses out there, a Rebel Sports voucher is perfect.

#17 RedBalloon voucher

If they can't get enough of 'experiences over things' (we're also huge fans!), a RedBalloon voucher is truly fantastic. They have everything from Hot Air Balloon rides to golf lessons to winery tours.

#18 Dymocks voucher

If they’re an avid reader, a Dymocks voucher is a great option. They’ll be stocked up for months if the whole team chips in. Nice.

#19 Gourmet Traveller voucher

If they're a foodie, a voucher for their favourite restaurant could be the way to go! The Gourmet Traveller eGift Cards lets them choose from hundreds of amazing restaurants right across Australia.

#20 Uber Eats voucher

If all else fails, an Uber Eats voucher!

Ideas to celebrate Boss’s Day

Now that we've got the gift-giving part covered, let's talk about some creative ways to celebrate Boss's Day. One fantastic idea is organizing a morning tea or a small office celebration. Encourage your team to come together and bring something to the table, quite literally. From fresh pastries to homemade treats, everyone can contribute to creating a delightful spread and your boss will feel super special. If you’ve organised a gift and card, give it to them at the morning tea. It's not just about the food, though. Use this opportunity to share stories, anecdotes, and appreciation for your boss's leadership. A heartfelt toast or a simple "thank you" can go a long way in making your boss feel valued and appreciated.

In the world of work, bosses often play the role of mentors, guides, and, occasionally, even cheerleaders. Boss's Day is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to your team's success. By everyone chipping in for a gift and greeting card from the whole team, it’s a meaningful (and inclusive!) way to thank your boss. Whether you decide to surprise your boss with a unique gift from our list or plan a memorable morning tea, remember that it's the thought and effort that counts the most. Happy celebrating!

Organise a gift for your boss with GroupTogether

Let the whole team chip in for a gift and sign the card online. It's free for unlimited people. Nice!

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