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Say It Right: Inspiring Farewell Card Messages to Bid Adieu

It's time to say adios to your work colleague, but what do you write on the farewell card? Are you writing a serious message to an employer or a silly goodbye to a close friend? You could jot down a few words and throw in a cliche “inspirational” quote, but doesn’t your colleague deserve better than that? Either way, here are some farewell card ideas to get you started.

By Ali + Julie

January 30, 2022

Gift Ideas

35 Fantastic Farewell & Going Away Gifts For A Work Colleague

Saying goodbye to a valued coworker can be bittersweet, but expressing your appreciation with a thoughtful gift can make the farewell memorable. Whether it's a colleague moving on to a new job, retiring, or simply relocating, finding the perfect gift is tricky. But fear not! We've curated a list of unique and meaningful gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression. From thoughtful experiences to practical items that will remind them of the good times shared in the office, we've got you covered.

By Ali + Julie

May 21, 2024

Obviously, if you’ve clicked on this blog you're on the prowl for the ultimate farewell gift for a colleague that's going to make Susan from HR laugh till she snorts her coffee or leave Dave from accounting feeling like the king of cubicle land.

Grab your coffee and let's dive into this wonderful list of farewell presents like it's Friday morning and you’ve got zero meetings for the day!

Gifts Under $50

Pillow Talk Bonita Glass Candle Holder

Gift this glass candle holder to a very deserving work colleague. The perfect feature for a coffee table or a countertop, this candle holder, despite its colour, seems to blend in beautifully.

AFL / NRL Tickets

For the colleague who didn’t get to see their favourite sporting team enough because they were working too hard. Buy them a ticket to an AFL or NRL match using the Ticketmaster platform. Are they a Sydney Swans supporter? Or perhaps they prefer the Manly Sea Eagles.

Ottolenghi Simple Cookbook

Planning on staying in touch with your colleague? Then this is really a gift for you and them! Gift them the cult-favourite cookbook by world-renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi. This way, when they invite you over, they will whip up a few delicious recipes. A great option as far as colleague going away presents go!

T2 Mug and Infuser

Give your colleague a warm goodbye by gifting them a T2 Iconic English Breakfast tea mug and infuser.

Yeti Rambler Travel Mug

Yeti has become a heavyweight in the drinkware game. This almost 600ml rambler keeps hot beverages warm and cold beverages cool. It’s leak and rust resistant and, just like all Yeti products are, sure to outlive its owner.

Express Dolphin Watching Cruise in Port Stephens

For the animal lover. How often do we get to see dolphins? Especially when you’re cooped up in an office every day. Besides, can we all agree dolphins are everyone's favourite animal?

Gifts $50 - $100

Indulge in an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Elevate their culinary journey with a premium gift card from Gourmet Traveller, offering access to Australia's most exquisite restaurants. Delight their senses as they embark on a personalised fine dining experience of their choosing.

Fireside Candle

Everyone deserves to put their head down in a relaxing space after a big day at work especially when you start a new role it’s always super stressful learning the ropes. This gorgeous candle makes for a great work colleague presents.

The Absolute Favourite

Let your friend choose. The AnyCard has a link that your friend uses to choose any gift card from any of 70 leading stores; from beauty, spa treatments, sports gear to fashion, homeware or living expenses.
Click HERE to see the full range.

Goldi Taster Trio

Is your colleague a cooking aficionado? We’re willing to bet you the secret ingredient to every good dish is a great olive oil. Goldi is an Aussie brand making world-class, pungent olive oil that comes in a squeezy bottle. It’s beautiful bottle design and bright colours are sure to bring a bit of vibrancy to the dinner table.

Personalised Coffee Cup

For the coffee-loving colleague who needs a new coffee cup for their new office. Customise their new Frank Green coffee cup with their initials and favourite colours.

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook

Is your colleague a professional note-taker? The type of person who doesn’t travel anywhere without their notepad and has stated on a number of occasions their ‘life is in their notebook’? The Rocketbook provides the classic pen and paper experience but with a twist. It is an endlessly reusable notebook with its ‘rub out’ feature. Add a bit of water to the page and you are able to rub out any prior note-taking. The Rocketbook also pairs with its very own mobile app so users can scan their notes and add it to their very own Rocketbook account.

Picnic Throw

Is your colleague a lover of the great outdoors but make it fashion? Gift them this vibrant and functional picnic rug from one of Australia’s most iconic brands. This 100% cotton knit throw is reversible, so if you spill your cheese board on one side, flip it over!

Malmaison Le Panier Pique Nique Basket

Has your colleague been stuck inside an office all day for a very long time? There’s nothing quite like a picnic in a park or overlooking a body of water. This extremely chic, handmade French picnic basket is the perfect companion for a cheese board, bottle of wine and picnic blanket (paired perfectly with the item above).

Oat Fleck Knit Heirloom Blanket

Is your colleague replacing their job with a baby? Gift them a 100% organic cotton blanket, perfect for the delicate, sensitive skin of a baby. These blankets come in six different earthy tones and feature absolutely no nasties.

Gifts $100 - $200

Skillshare Annual Premium Membership

For the colleague who is changing industries to follow their passion, show them your support with this thoughtful going away gift ideas. Whether it’s a new role in tech, finance or marketing, they’ll get a head start so they know what to expect in their new industry with a great online course.

Beach Towel Picnic Stripes

For the colleague who will be beginning their new life as a beach hopper, buy them a 100% cotton towel from Hommey. Gift them a plush and decadent towel. Available in 14 different colourways.

Bucket List Experience Gift Box

For the colleague who loves an adventure and can pick their own. The Bucket List gift set has many different experiences including wine tasting, a self-guided water bike tour in Noosa, whale watching, cooking classes and many more.

Blys Massage Gift Card

For the soon-to-be ex-colleague who needs a recharge before they start their new job or transition into retirement. Choose from a number of treatment options including Thai Massage, Cupping, Remedial or Deep Tissue to give them the gift of relaxation. Blys also offers Beauty services including facials, haircare and more.

Ultra Short Ugg Boots

For the colleague who will no longer have to come into the office. Buy them the gift of warm and comfortable feet with these Australian-made Ugg Boots made from eco-friendly sheepskin!

Nonna’s Grocer + Australian Gems Gift Box

Give the gift of inspirational recipe ideas and great-quality ingredients, including Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes, Mount Zero Olive Oil and Julia Busutill Nishimura’s Around the Table cookbook. Nishimura’s cookbook features recipes ranging from quick and easy recipes for busy weeknights to simple indulgences and is inspired by her own culture which includes Mediterranean recipes from Italy and Malta. Or your colleague can use the cookbook as a coffee table staple, paired with a tomato-shaped candle made from soy.

Self-Care Bundle

For your work bestie who loves a flower arrangement. Nothing says thank you like a beautiful bouquet, bath blend, hand cream and candle.

Crumpler Messenger Bag

Is your work bestie starting a new job? Win them some brownie points with their new work besties by gifting them a Crumpler Day by Day Messenger bag. This bag, as Crumpler have done for so many years, is thoughtfully designed and has pockets exactly where you need them. Wear it across your body or handheld. Fits every work essential you can think of, stylishly.

Apple AirTag 4-pack

The real MVP of travelling is here. Apple AirTags. They are compact enough to fit inside a wallet or backpack and provide an exact, real-time location for those ultra-important personal items we own. AirTag’s easily connect to your phone and computer, so you can have peace of mind wherever you are in the world that your personal possessions are safe! Engraving is also available at no extra cost.

Jester Backpack

For the colleague who is resigning to explore the world, buy them a trusty and spacious backpack. The North Face is known for producing ergonomic and comfortable bags that are highly durable and appropriate for everyday adventures. Featuring a number of compartments and back support, we can guarantee your globe-trotting colleague will appreciate this gift!

Edible Blooms Moet Indulgence

For the colleague who deserves the perfect combination of a nice bottle of sparkling wine and chocolates for their dedication to the company. What better way to shower them with appreciation than with a bottle of Moet and Lindor chocolates?

Air Fryer

For the colleague who loves hot chips and will be spending a lot more time in the kitchen, give them a head start with a new Baccarat Air Fryer. This 9-litre Air Fryer allows you to cook meals in minutes, whether it’s chicken, meat or vegetables.

Gifts $200+


For the colleague who is retiring and will have far too much free time on their hands. Give them the gift of almost any book in the palm of their hands with the new Kindle E-Reader. This device is paired best with a visit to the beach or an adventurous trip. Trust us - this will become your colleague's new companion.

Kinnon A5 Compendium

Is your colleague the type of person who doesn’t go anywhere without their notebook? Gift them this compendium from Kinnon made from 100% Italian leather, featuring a pen holder, compartments for business cards, as well as receipts and comes in a range of colours. Personalise it with their initials for no extra cost.

Golf Practice Driving and Hitting Net

Are you going to miss your colleague but not their constant golf talk? Every office has at least one golf-obsessed employee. Why not gift them their very own driving range so they can have a hit of golf no matter where they are? This lightweight, yet sturdy net comes with a storage bag for portability and can be set up or down within minutes.

3 Person Roman Cradle Tent

Did you notice your colleague sometimes leaving work slightly earlier on a Friday evening? And coming back on Monday’s feeling refreshed and reenergised, perhaps with a car covered in mud? These are some telltale signs they love their camping. Gift them a new tent from Compleat Angler. This lightweight tent, weighing at just over 3 kg, is spacious enough for 2 people and uses the highest grade materials to ensure safety in rain, hail or shine.

Ergobaby Evolve Bouncer

A great send off present for your colleague who is welcoming a new baby! The Evolve 3 in 1 Bouncer from Ergobaby is loved by so many new parents. The bouncer will let your colleague's new little friend lie in comfort for hours and even rock themselves to sleep! A great go-to maternity send-off present.

Garmin Forerunner 255

Is your colleague a fitness fanatic? You know, the type of person who loves a pre-work run. Gift them the latest must-have in the fitness world. The Garmin Forerunner tracks your steps, heart rate and stress level and has a battery life of up to 14 days.

JBL Authentics 200 Speaker

Did you hear your colleague on a number of occasions blaring AC/DC through their headphones? Or perhaps they didn’t have permission to blast Eminem’s NSFW discography throughout the office. Give them the gift of shamelessly blasting their music. They will thank you later. Their neighbours won’t.

Breville the Barista Express

Help your colleague out by gifting them a new espresso machine for their new working-from-home office space. Did you notice that your colleague was hanging around the coffee machine often? Perhaps this was to kill time but we’re willing to bet you it’s also because they love their coffee. Give them the gift of a caffeine boost on demand with a new Breville coffee machine.

Omnidesk Ascent Standing Desk

For your friend who is starting their new remote role, give them the gift of a pain-free back with this standing desk. The whole office can GroupTogether to choose this as a gift for your colleague so they can work on their projects while protecting their body from all those weird positions we all end up in! We love Omnidesk because they are the brains behind a great sturdy, customisable desk. Their desks feature 100% wooden desktops, adjustable heights of 60 to 125 centimetres and you have a whole bunch of add-on options to choose from.

Our fellow office warriors, that’s a wrap from us! We hope you found exactly what you were looking for or at the very least got some inspo! Whether it is a farewell gift, a going-away present for someone on mat leave or a retirement gift you can GroupTogether easily as an office to make your co-worker’s day. We handle all the awkward reminders, signatures and cash collecting so you can focus on choosing a gift!

How much should I spend on an office gift?

Determining how much to spend on an office gift can depend on heaps of factors, including the occasion, your relationship with the recipient, and the office culture. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Consider the Occasion: The type of occasion can influence the appropriate spending amount. For instance, a small token of appreciation for a coworker's birthday might warrant a lower budget compared to a significant milestone like a promotion, maternity leave or retirement.

  • Budget Sensibly: Be mindful of your own budget. You don't want to overspend and strain your finances, especially if you're buying multiple gifts throughout the year. Instead, opt to GroupTogether as an office to make your pennies go further and still get your co-worker a great gift.

  • Know Your Office Culture: Office cultures vary widely, and some workplaces may have unwritten rules or expectations about gift-giving. Take cues from what's typical in your office environment to avoid any awkward situations!

  • Consider GroupTogether: Gifts are better from the group! Pooling your resources can allow for a more substantial gift without putting the burden on any one person.

  • Use Your Judgment: Ultimately, use your judgment to gauge what's appropriate. If you're unsure, err on the side of modesty rather than extravagance.

What is considered a good office gift?

A good office gift is thoughtful, appropriate for the recipient and the occasion, and reflects a genuine appreciation or acknowledgment of the recipient's contributions or interests. Here are some ideas for good office gifts:

  • Coffee or Tea Set: A high-quality coffee or tea set, along with some gourmet coffee beans or specialty teas, can be a practical and appreciated gift for a colleague who enjoys a good cup of joe or tea during the workday.

  • Tech Gadgets: Consider small, practical tech gadgets such as wireless charging pads, Bluetooth speakers, or portable phone chargers that can make work life a little easier or more enjoyable.

  • Books or Journals: A book related to the recipient's interests or a stylish journal for jotting down notes or ideas can be a thoughtful gift that encourages relaxation or personal development.

  • Gift Cards: While some may see them as impersonal, gift cards to a favourite coffee shop, restaurant, or online retailer can give the recipient the flexibility to choose something they truly enjoy.

  • Experiences: Consider giving the gift of an experience, such as tickets to a local event, a spa day, or a cooking class, which can create lasting memories and give them that work-life balance.

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