Ideas for Farewell Gifts for Coworkers

By Ali + Julie on 13 Apr 2023

Not sure what to give? Here’s a range of stylish, fresh ideas sure to be treasured. (And if you need help organising everyone to chip in and sign the card, GroupTogether can help with that too).

Here’s what’s trending.

1. A Bucket List Experience

We’ve had customers whose collections were “Want to throw Tim out of the plane?” and “Want Glen to take a hike?” and “Mary needs meditation lessons”. Virtual lessons and real life experiences from gin tasting to organic gardening, pottery and guitar lessons. For the adrenaline junkies, there’s shark dives to paragliding too. The options are endless! Give a gift card or choose a gift card and use it to pick the experience for your friend.

2. Monogrammed Accessories

Beysis lets you personalise their stylish range of drink bottles, phone cases, beauty products, candles, and more. You choose – Give your friend a gift card or get the gift card yourself and order the gift online, already monogrammed and packed exquisitely and ready to give. Brilliant!

3. Spa Treatments

Some time devoted to pampering or wellness is a good way to disconnect and refocus for the next challenge. A gift card from endota spa or Blys has everything from massage to laser treatments to shake off the old and prep for the new. They have spas nationally.

4. New Look!

Let your friend start their new life with a new wardrobe from The Iconic (men and women’s fashion), David Jones or Parlour X. Give a gift card and let them choose from schmick fitness gear to cosy PJs or a new work bag.

Prefer to choose it yourself, no problemmo, just send yourself the gift card and use it to spend in-store or online to have delivered. Done and you haven’t left your desk. Genius!

5. Cool Tech

Whether they’re determined to get fit and want wireless headphones or Apple watch, or if they’re after fab headphones to binge watch without disturbing the Mrs. Maybe they need a new laptop now that they don’t have the one from work. They’ll be happy with a JB Hifi eGift card. Or if you prefer to choose, use the GroupTogether gift card to order what you want from JB Hifi and have it delivered to the office, ready to give. Done!

6. Send a Hamper

Choose any hamper from our hamper partners Daily Blooms, Mr Roses or Edible Blooms. We love their exquisite packaging and great customer service. We’ll give you a gift card to spend with them. They send the hamper to you to give or straight to your friend.

7. Indulge in an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Elevate their culinary journey with a premium gift card from Gourmet Traveller, offering access to Australia's most exquisite restaurants. Delight their senses as they embark on a personalised fine dining experience of their choosing.

8. A Beautiful Plant

Bid farewell to your co-worker in style with a stunning plant from the Good Plant Co. Presenting them with a carefully selected plant not only offers a thoughtful farewell gift but also serves as a constant reminder of the memorable moments you shared together in the workplace.

9. Magazine Subscription

Discover the perfect farewell gift with iSubscribe, your gateway to over 2000 diverse Australian and international magazine subscriptions. Delight your co-worker with a personalised selection tailored to their unique interests and hobbies. From fashion and lifestyle to sports, travel, and beyond, iSubscribe offers an extensive range of magazines to suit every taste.

10. The Absolute Favourite

Let your friend choose. The AnyCard has a link that your friend uses to choose any gift card from any of 70 leading stores; from beauty, spa treatments, sports gear to fashion, homeware or living expenses.
Click HERE to see the full range.

Need to organise a farewell gift?

Use GroupTogether to let the whole team sign the card and chip in online.

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