Wedding gifts from the gang

Easily collect money online for a wedding gift and card

Whether it's a wedding gift on behalf of the office, family, or your friend group. GroupTogether makes group wedding gifts as easy as saying, "I do!"

1. Create

Create a collection in 2 mins. Share a link or invite friends and colleagues via email. You can track everything in your own dashboard.

2. Collect

Everyone clicks to pay securely online and write a message on the card. No apps, downloads or subscriptions. Friends can’t see what others chip in.

3. Spend

Choose from 70+ eGift Cards, flowers and hampers - or give the AnyCard and let the recipient choose. Then print or send the card online.

Personalise your wedding card

Over 1 million
happy customers

A wedding card from the whole gang

  • Easily create a thoughtful personalised card.
  • Unlimited messages on the card.
  • 100s of card covers to customize.
  • Add photos and GIFs to the card.
  • Send online or download as a PDF to print.
  • Unlimited message length.

Collect money for a wedding gift

  • No need to collect in your personal bank account.
  • Collect a set amount, any amount or let people sign the card without contributing.
  • Your group doesn’t see who contributed what.
  • Choose from eGift Cards, experiences, hampers, flowers and plants in our Gift Store.
  • Give the GroupTogether AnyCard and let the recipient choose from 70+ eGift Cards.
  • Withdraw the funds (AU only) for a small fee.

Everything in one place. Full control.

  • Faster for you - no app required. Set up in 1 min.
  • Easier for your grop - no sign up, no downloads, no learning anything new.
  • Avoid endless chasing. Add automatic email reminders or just share the link.
  • Track everything in your dashboard. No searching payments by cash and bank transfer.
  • No company sign up or subscriptions.
  • Personalised URL to share with your group. Share it wherever.

Group wedding gifts made easy

Forget the hassle of chasing up funds, organising card signatures, and tirelessly searching for that perfect group wedding gift. We streamline this tedious process by providing an easy and functional way to send a memorable present that will delight the lucky couple.

Send a gift from 70+ retailers, or give the AnyCard and they choose.

Say congrats with personalised wedding gifts

While the traditional registry might leave you feeling uninspired (who needs another toaster?), our collection of personalised wedding gifts offers a whole world of creative and customised group wedding gift options to choose from.

Newlyweds often appreciate the simplicity of a wedding gift card. It's the perfect way to celebrate their partnership while giving them the freedom to choose what they truly desire. Whether it's for furnishing their new home, indulging in new experiences, or even saving for their future, a gift card caters to all. Myer, Big W, Airbnb, and Webjet are just a fraction of the big-name brands we work alongside. Choose a specific gift card, or allow the couple to decide with the AnyCard option. Our AnyCard allows the happy couple to select from over 70 eGift cards from some of Australia's favourite brands.

The recipients simply open their virtual gift box, where a delightful animation reveals their gift, a flourish of well-wishes, and the names of the contributors.

Effortlessly send group wedding gifts

With GroupTogether, we can set you up with experiences that newlyweds will cherish, personalised touches that show your thoughtfulness, and gifts that fit perfectly into their new life together.

Donate a % to charity

Choose to donate a portion (0-100%) to a charity.

Local support

Have questions? Live chat with our team in Australia.

Secure transactions

Payments are processed by

You might be wondering

It's free to create and send our Free Group Card.

It's free to collect money if you spend it on a gift or gift card from one of our 70+ retail partners.

If you withdraw the funds (AU only), the way the fees are charged is per contribution:

2% + $0.35 cents per transaction for domestic credit cards and direct transfers

2.3% + $0.35 for Amex

3% + $0.40 for PayPal

5% + $0.35 cents per transaction for international credit cards

The sum of all those fees is deducted from the total collected. You can decide whether to add those fees on or to take them from the collection total.

Sure! We’re about helping you do good things. If that’s a beautiful card with messages, then great. During the setup process, you'll be asked what we can help you with, please select a card only.

An AnyCard is GroupTogether's way of making wonderful gift-giving even easier. Why sweat what the perfect gift might be when you can let the recipient choose the perfect gift for themselves? Genius!

The AnyCard is a credit with GroupTogether that can be swapped by the recipient for any retailer eGift card that they would like best (over 70+ to choose from). That way you leave the decision to them without having to ask. They have 3 years to swap it and then the retailer eGift card is good for 3 more years and they don’t have to spend it all in one go.

If you choose the AnyCard we will add back the fees so you can use the total amount collected, and once purchased, we will immediately send you a gift email that you can print & give or forward onto the recipient.

For an Overview, see our How To Video:

Please login in to the website, and find your collection. If you don't see it, please check the PAST tab. You’ll be taken to your Track page. Find the SPEND button and click that. Now it’s like an e-commerce site and you use the menu at the top to choose what you'd like to do or scroll down the gift shop to see what's available. Select the item you want, fill in the details and ADD to your shopping bag.

Once you've spent all the money, choose CHECKOUT in your shopping bag. Review your items and proceed either to review your group card or to finish checkout.

If you buy an AnyCard, we immediately email it out, please check spam if you don't see it.

If you buy a gift card, we email it out as soon as it's been processed, please check spam if you don't see it. Most gift cards are emailed immediately, a few can take longer - please check the retailer information before you select the gift card.

If you transfer funds (AU only), please allow 2 business days for it to clear. Since it's a transfer, we don't send you a gift email, please use the Share or Download button to share the group card with the recipient.

GroupTogether offers group greeting cards, eGift Cards, flowers, hampers, plants as well as thrilling experiences all over Australia! You can also withdraw the funds for a tiny fee. So, let your gang’s wedding gift turn into an unforgettable experience for the couple-to-be in just a few easy clicks.

Wondering “how much money for a wedding gift?” With GroupTogether, you can choose to contribute as little or as much as you’d like! If it’s a best friend or close colleague, you might want to contribute a touch more than if it’s someone you’re not as close with. If everyone chips in a little, you can give one great incredible wedding gift the lucky couple will really appreciate.

In your greeting card, write a simple heartfelt message for their future. Try to include a personal memory or a unique sentiment that will make your message authentically you.

A good wedding gift comes from the heart. It can be something the couple needs, wants or a thoughtful gesture they would never have thought of for themselves.

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