Asking for Money Instead of Gifts for Your Wedding: A Modern Approach

By Ali + Julie on 18 Jun 2023

Weddings are a time of joy, celebration, and love. Traditionally, guests bring gifts to help the newlyweds begin their journey together. But, times are changing, and many couples now opt for an alternative approach—asking for money instead of physical presents. This choice allows couples to prioritise their needs, such as funding a dream honeymoon, buying a new home, or purchasing a big-ticket item. Asking for money as a gift might feel uncomfortable or impersonal, but it can be practical and thoughtful to ensure you get exactly what you want or need. And surprisingly, we've found that a lot of givers prefer it!

Tips For Maximising Contributions:
To ensure a successful group gift, consider the following tips:

  • Start Early: Give contributors ample time to contribute. Initiate the process at least a month in advance to allow people to plan and budget accordingly. If you send out invitations, make sure to include your GroupTogether link. You can also share your GroupTogether link in a text message or a group chat.
  • Personalise the Experience: Make the process more engaging by sharing anecdotes or stories, and how the gift will bring joy and meaning to your life.
  • Encourage Sharing: Encourage contributors to spread the word to others who may want to participate, maximising the number of people involved.
  • Express Gratitude: Thank each contributor personally and express your appreciation for their generosity. A simple thank-you note or email can go a long way in fostering goodwill and encouraging future participation.
  • Send a Thank You: GroupTogether makes it easy for you to say thanks. Just write your thank you message and GroupTogether sends it to everyone who chipped in. Done!

Poems for Couples Funding Their Dream Honeymoon

In lieu of gifts, we humbly plea,
For a cherished dream, set us free.
Italy's embrace, a lover's retreat,
Where ancient tales and love compete.

A honeymoon in Tuscan hills,
With cobblestone and sunlit thrills,
Please contribute, if you may,
And help us chase love's perfect ray.

Our love has led us to this special day,
A destination wedding, come what may.
Instead of traditional gifts, we kindly request,
Contributions to fulfil our honeymoon quest.

Among sandy beaches and skies of blue,
We'll forge memories as each day is anew.
Your support will make our love radiate,
As we explore the world, hand in hand, we celebrate.

To celebrate our love's inception,
We're setting off on a grand expedition.
Rather than material gifts, we request,
A contribution to make our dreams manifest.

Our honeymoon adventure, both near and far,
Will be etched in our hearts like a shining star.
Your generosity will help us make it real,
And create a journey we'll forever feel.

Poems for Couples Buying a New Home

As we say "I do" and unite as one,
We embark on a journey, a new chapter has begun.
A house, a home, where our love will thrive,
With memories to cherish as long as we're alive.

Instead of items that may gather dust,
We kindly request funds, if you must.
To help us build our love's foundation,
In a place where we'll create our life's narration.

Our love is growing, and we're ready to nest,
A home we'll cherish, our haven, our best.
In lieu of traditional wedding gifts,
We ask for contributions to help us invest.

To turn our house into a cozy abode,
A place where love and laughter are bestowed.
Your generosity will help us realize our dream,
Creating a home filled with love's gleam.

With joyful hearts, we tie the knot,
And seek a place where memories are caught.
Instead of plates and glasses that shine,

We yearn for a home where love will entwine.
Contributions toward this cherished goal,
Will turn our house into a loving soul.

Poems for Couples Wanting a Big-Ticket Item or Experience

As we start this journey, hand in hand,
We have dreams, ambitions, and goals so grand.
Instead of traditional wedding presents,
We seek support for a big-ticket expense.

A car, a couch, or something dear,
Your contribution will bring us cheer.
In realising our dreams, you play a part,
With gratitude, we'll hold it close to our hearts.

Beyond the traditional, we dare to dream,
Of a big-ticket item that makes us gleam.
Rather than objects, we kindly plead,
For contributions to fulfil our need.

Whether a camera, a piece of art,
Your generosity will leave its mark.
Thank you for helping our vision unfold,
Your support is worth more than gold.

As we unite in love, hand in hand,
We envision something grand, so grand.
A big-ticket item, dear to our hearts,
With your support, our dream embarks.

In place of gifts that might collect dust,
We kindly request funds, with love and trust.
Your contribution will make our dream shine,
A testament to love, eternally entwined.

Get the present you really want.

Start a collection now to get the honeymoon, house or big-ticket item that you really want.

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