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By Ali + Julie on 29 Mar 2023

Supporting Nestor with almost $90,000 and 500 messages of love and support

When Sydney based Consultant Natalia Ferrazzano’s friend and Latin dance teacher was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, she did more than could have ever been expected!

Natalia started a campaign to rally the good will of all those touched by Nestor around the world. Nestor is a professional latin american dancer and has dedicated his life and soul to the entire latin dance community around the world. Knowing that Nestor has always been a giver,

Natalia realised it was time to GIVE BACK just at the time Nestor needed it the most!

She gave everyone the opportunity to send messages of love and donations to help ease the financial burden on Netsor and his wife Rebecca in their next big challenge. Natalia created a Facebook group called “Supporting Nestor” and the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted. Within 60 hours she had spread the word in the community in SECRET & raised over $86,000 through GroupTogether, gathering almost 500 messages of support (the biggest card we’ve ever had).

During one of Nestor’s classes, Natalia and the other students surprised Netsor & Rebecca & handed over the $86,000 cheque and two massive printed booklets of everyone’s messages of love & support to buoy Nestor’s spirits in hospital.

Watch a little of the video below of this amazing gift of support, it brought tears to our eyes!

Spreading Joy with Over 72 Gifts Organised Over 5 Years

Meet Caren Lubofsky. She’d be excused for thinking she’s done enough for others. But after organising 72 group gifts (well those are the ones we know about), she’s clearly a believer in the power of the group to make someone feel cherished.

When asked why Caren has organised so many group gifts for birthdays (from 5 to aged 60), births, teachers’ gifts and religious milestones, she said “I think it all comes back to the biggest question; what is the meaning of life? For me, it is people and connections. I feel like I’ve lived through so much adversity and experienced more than my fair share! I always try to flip the negatives to positives.

“If I can support just one person, or share some advice or knowledge I picked up along the way, perhaps I can make a difference. And then maybe that person’s life can change for the better and they can help another. We’ve only got one life to live, and I think we just have to pursue happiness.”

People who use GroupTogether are good people. They set up gifts at 11 at night and before 6am. They sweat over the card looking “just so” and are grateful to be able to extend the collection so that one last straggler can be included. We’re constantly inspired by Caren and many more like her.

Share the Love in Your Community

Organise a group fundraiser and collect money online with a group collection, or simply fill a free group card with messages of love and support.

Join our Facebook Group dedicated to spreading kindness by coming together.

GroupTogether makes giving a gift from the group so easy! It’s perfect for teachers, farewells, baby showers, wishing wells or just saying ‘thanks’. Give a free group card or chip in with friends and family to give a gift too.

It’s so easy to organise.

  1. Simply create your collection and share a link or invite people to contribute via email.
  2. Everyone just clicks on the link to write their message on the card and chip in (you can choose whether they can sign the card without chipping in).
  3. Buy gifts and digital gift cards from one our retail partners, withdraw it, or split it. You can even donate a portion to charity! You can send the card online, print it yourself or get it professionally printed.

Better yet, select a GroupTogether Any Card which can be printed inside the card and they can choose their own gift card from any of our retailers.

See what's possible when you GroupTogether for a gift

Give a free group card or chip in with friends, colleagues and family to give a gift.

Ali Julie Square

Ali + Julie

Co-Founders, GroupTogether

Life’s busy. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to collect money from a group. Less wasted time, less packaging waste, and spending a little less but giving a lot better!

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