What To Write For The Perfect "Thanks Coach" Card

By Ali + Julie on 19 Jan 2022

As a young person, your coach is more than just a mentor. In fact, 87% of parents said that their child's coach has had a positive impact on their child's life (i9 Sports).

Are you organising a team gift for the special coach in your life? Or maybe you’re giving a personal gift and you’re looking for the right words to say, “Thanks coach!” Either way, we’re here to help. Read on for 10 great ideas to write on a card for your coach.



  1. Dear Coach, words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for your unwavering support, guidance, and belief in me. You have truly been a pillar of strength and inspiration in my athletic journey.
  2. Coach, thank you for not only teaching us the skills of the game but also instilling in us the values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Your mentorship has shaped us into better athletes and better people.
  3. I am forever grateful for your tireless dedication and countless hours spent helping me improve. Your commitment to our growth and development has profoundly impacted my life, both on and off the field.
  4. Thank you, Coach, for pushing me beyond my limits and showing me that I am capable of achieving more than I ever thought possible. Your belief in my abilities has given me the confidence to strive for greatness.
  5. Coach, your passion for the sport and infectious enthusiasm has ignited a fire within us. You have taught us to love the game, to embrace challenges, and always to give our best, no matter the circumstances.
  6. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your patience and understanding during moments of struggle and setbacks. Your encouragement and guidance have helped us overcome obstacles and grow stronger, both mentally and physically.
  7. Thank you, Coach, for not only teaching me about the game but also about life. Your wisdom, advice, and mentorship have shaped my character and taught me important life lessons that I will carry with me forever.
  8. Coach, your belief in my potential, even when I doubted myself, has been a constant source of motivation. Thank you for pushing me to reach new heights and for always reminding me of my capabilities.
  9. I am grateful for the countless sacrifices you have made for our team. Your selflessness and dedication have created an environment where we can thrive and succeed. Thank you for investing so much in our growth and success.
  10. Coach, I want to express my deepest gratitude for being more than a coach to me. You have been a mentor, a role model, and a friend. Thank you for believing in me, inspiring me, and for the profound impact you have had on my life.


  1. Dear Coach, I am immensely proud to have been under your guidance. Your dedication and expertise have transformed us into a formidable team, and our success is a testament to your exceptional coaching skills.
  2. Coach, I couldn't be prouder to call you our leader. Your ability to bring out the best in each team member, fostering their growth and maximising their potential, is truly remarkable.
  3. Thank you, Coach, for cultivating a winning mentality within our team. Your unwavering belief in our abilities has inspired us to achieve greatness and surpass our own expectations.
  4. I am filled with pride when I see the remarkable progress we have made under your guidance. Your strategic game plans and meticulous attention to detail have propelled us to new heights.
  5. Coach, your leadership has not only shaped us as athletes but also as individuals. The values of sportsmanship, resilience, and teamwork that you have instilled in us will stay with us for a lifetime.
  6. I am proud to be a part of a team led by a coach who exemplifies integrity, passion, and dedication. Your unwavering commitment to our success sets an exceptional example for us all.
  7. Coach, your ability to inspire and motivate us is truly commendable. Your speeches before games never fail to ignite a fire within us and remind us of our capabilities.
  8. Thank you for pushing us to our limits, Coach. Your relentless pursuit of excellence has made us realise our true potential and you have shown us that we are capable of achieving greatness.
  9. I am proud to have learned from a coach who prioritises personal growth and development above all else. Your focus on honing our skills and nurturing our talents has been invaluable.
  10. Coach, I couldn't be prouder of the positive impact you have had on our lives. Your guidance extends beyond the playing field, shaping us into confident individuals who are ready to conquer any challenge.


  1. Dear Coach, thank you for teaching me how to catch a ball without breaking any windows—my neighbours are eternally grateful!
  2. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank you, Coach, for being the master of motivational speeches that are often one-part inspiration and two parts comedy. Your knack for incorporating witty jokes never fails to put a smile on our faces, even in the face of defeat.
  3. Coach, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation for transforming our team into connoisseurs of unconventional celebrations. Thanks to your creative ideas, our post-game dance routines rival those of a professional dance crew (or at least that's what we like to believe)!
  4. Coach, your impeccable sense of timing during practice breaks has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate how you always manage to pause the session right when we're about to collapse from exhaustion, giving us the perfect opportunity to catch our breath and contemplate our life choices.
  5. Coach, thank you for introducing us to the world of "sports fashion experiments." Who knew mismatched socks and wearing our jerseys inside out could bring us good luck? Your innovative fashion sense has made us the trendsetters of the sporting world!
  6. Coach, thank you for turning a bunch of clumsy misfits into a team of slightly less clumsy misfits—we appreciate the progress!
  7. Coach, we appreciate your talent for turning even the most mundane tasks into entertaining challenges. Whether it's a relay race to gather equipment or a game of "find the missing ball," you always find a way to make even the simplest activities enjoyable and hilarious. Thank you for infusing laughter into our practices!
  8. Thank you, Coach, for reminding me that coordination is not a prerequisite for participating in sports. It's the effort that counts, right?
  9. Dear Coach, we wanted to express our gratitude for your exceptional talent for organising "mystery practices." We never know what surprises await us, whether it's a surprise water balloon fight or a sudden visit from a friendly mascot. It keeps us on our toes, quite literally!
  10. Coach, thank you for teaching me that sportsmanship also includes pretending to be disappointed when the referee makes a bad call in our favour.


Your coach has been there for you through thick and thin. Isn’t it time to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts? Saying, “Thanks coach!” is a great start, but what about organising a team gift or card?

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