30 Unique Gift Ideas For Coaches & Sport-Lovers

By Ali + Julie on 26 Feb 2022

How do you pick the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast in your life? Kids’ sports coach, a farewell gift for a gym junkie colleague…whoever it is, we’ve rounded up the 30 best gift ideas for the sport-lovers in your life.

Gift Ideas For The Coach

Coach gift ideas can be tricky because no coach will say that they want a present; but if they did a great job with your child, no doubt you would want to say thank you somehow.

But how much do you want to spend on the coach? And what gift could you get that you know they would love? What about the manager?

We find that most people like to spend around $20. Well, $20 might buy a nice card and a box of chocolates…but how much better would it be if the whole team joined together and each put their $20 together! With an average of 15 kids on a soccer team, $20 each would mean a present to the value of $300. Nice!

You can organise it easily online with GroupTogether, and even split the money collected to give a gift to both the coach and manager. Just share a link in your team chat and let everyone chip in and sign the card online. Easy peasy.

So what are the best coach gift ideas?

Let’s start with what they DON’T want. Here are a few gifts to avoid as told to us by coaches.

  • Best Coach mug – “I have 23 mugs at home that say I’m the best coach – I can only drink from one at a time!”
  • Photo frame with a picture of the child
  • Best coach underwear – “One year I got a pair of briefs which had ‘Best Coach Ever’ written all over them. It must have taken them a while to find something like that, but really, it was just awkward!!”

Lots of coaches we spoke to were really happy to avoid the novelty “coach” gifts and instead receive one great gift from the team such as an eGift Card so they could choose what they wanted or needed.

With this in mind, here are some gift ideas for the coach.

#1 Tickets To A Sporting Event

VIP or Grand Final If your coach is a true sports fan (and didn’t just draw the short straw on the first week) then they’ll LOVE tickets to their favourite game. Try for a VIP experience or tickets to the grand finale to really show your appreciation. Just make sure the coach doesn’t already have tickets first!

#2 Good Quality Sport Jacket

The kids may love those muddy training sessions and games, but chances are your coaches do not! A fantastic group gift is some quality wet (and cold) weather gear or a sports jacket - it’s almost guaranteed to bring them back next season. We love Kathmandu, The North Face, and the more premium jackets from Nike and Adidas. If it’s a winter sport, maybe grab a matching beanie and gloves!

#3 Bridge Climb

There are a few iconic bridges that now allow climbers to go up on sunset and experience a different view of the city. It’s a really thoughtful and special gift and the perfect way to say ‘thanks coach’. A certain level of fitness is required, although you certainly don’t need to be a gym junkie!

#4 GroupTogether AnyCard

Give your coach the gift of choice with the GroupTogether AnyCard. They receive a beautiful digital gift unwrapping, and can then choose to swap their AnyCard from 70+ leading retailers including Myer, David Jones, Ikea, JB HiFi and many more. Let everyone chip in online with GroupTogether, Australia's leading group gift platform. You can even give a beautiful group card with your gift!

#5 Massage or Float Tank

Perfect for erasing the stress that comes at the end of a long season. A massage or float tank experience is a therapeutic way to say thank you for all the hard work.

#6 Favourite Team Jersey

You can never go wrong with giving your manager or coach an official jersey from their favourite team. Whatever the code, everyone loves getting the real deal.

#7 A Night Out

A dinner voucher for a meal at a nice restaurant is a really nice way to say thank you to your hard-working coach…and to let them spoil their long-suffering spouse! Let the team chip in and give a Gourmet Traveller voucher, which has hundreds of participating restaurants to choose from!

#8 Great Scotch

A long-standing favourite coach gift, you can’t go past a great bottle of scotch. This gift is great for the manager too! By the whole team chipping in a little, you can give them something really nice that they wouldn’t normally get for themselves.

#9 ClassPass or Professional Lessons

Give your coach the choice of local fitness and wellness classes with a ClassPass Gift Card. Maybe they’ve always wanted to try hot yoga - now they can simply book a class online! Otherwise, if you know their favourite hobby then give them some professional lessons (e.g. professional golf lessons).

#10 Card From The Team

Never underestimate words of thanks from the kids and parents! Even more powerful is seeing the whole team’s messages and photos together in one card (and much less waste!). Show your appreciation with a free group card from GroupTogether, it’s easy to create and print off at your local Officeworks to give at the end of the season. So thoughtful!

Gift Ideas For Sport-Lovers

We all have a sports-lover in our life. They can tell you who won the grand final in 1997, take backyard cricket a bit too seriously and are your biggest supporter whenever it’s time for a health kick. Here are some gift ideas for the sports enthusiasts in your life.

#1 Bucket List Equipment

We all know how expensive good quality sports and exercise equipment can be - whether it’s a road bike, surfboard or new golf clubs. But for someone who might be using it a few times per week, having the best gear makes a huge difference. That’s why bucket list sports equipment makes the perfect group gift. Everyone chips in a little, but it adds up quickly, and the lucky recipient can put it towards their dream gift (maybe don’t buy it for them unless you know the EXACT specs).

#2 Sports/Smart Watch

A good sports watch is a no-brainer for anyone passionate about health and fitness. They usually start at a few hundred dollars, so it’s the perfect gift for everyone to chip in a little. You’ll need to find out what brand they want (Garmin, Samsung, Apple, etc.). If you’re not sure - give an eGift Card to JB HiFi instead.

#3 Adventure Experience

From hot air ballooning to skydiving! If your friend enjoys a bit of adrenaline, consider a once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience. You can pick something for them if you know they’ve always wanted to go rally driving; or give them an eGift Card to RedBalloon who have hundreds of truly amazing experiences.

#4 PT Sessions (or Broga!)

Spoil your friend with something they’ve always talked about wanting to try. Maybe that’s PT sessions at the local gym or “Broga” (Yoga for Men) classes.

#5 Workout Gear & Shoes

A sports lover can never have enough workout gear! Chances are they’re also wearing it to drop the kids off, shop for groceries and…well…pretty much anywhere they can! If you’re not sure about their favourite styles, an eGift Card to Rebel Sport or Lorna Jane is always a winner.

#6 A Peloton

Possibly THE bucket list exercise equipment of 2022 (if you haven’t heard of a Peloton, just watch the latest Sex and the City). It’s home-fitness at its most luxe, with a huge library of workouts all centred around the iconic Peloton spin bike. This might just be the ultimate group gift of the year.

#7 Nutribullet

Healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle, and the Nutribullet is a game-changer! It’s brilliant for whipping up healthy smoothies, plus it’s quick (and easy to clean) when you’ve got a jam-packed day.

#8 Sport Headphones

We love a great pair of over-ear headphones, but they’re just not practical when doing exercise. You might want to gift your sport-lover a pair of sports headphones that will stay put during a workout and are often sweat resistant too. Some may even have fitness tracking features built-in

#9 Subscriptions: Strava, Kayo Sport, etc.

Why not gift your friend an annual subscription to sites like Strava (health and fitness tracking) or Kayo Sport (sports streaming).

#10 Tickets to a Grand Final Game

There’s nothing more exciting than watching the Grand Final from seats in the stadium. The atmosphere, the crowds, the excitement – it’s a gift they will always remember and treasure.

Gift Ideas For Sporty Kids

There are lots of great gifts out there for sporty kids. But there comes a point where they just don’t need ANOTHER soccer ball. GroupTogether with family and friends to give one great bucket list gift instead. Here’s a few ideas!

#1 Sports Equipment

Definitely clear it with the parents first - but equipment for their favourite sports is an absolute winner. A cricket ball machine, basketball hoop, golf clubs or a backyard soccer net.

#2 Go-karting, trampoline parks, mini-golf and ice-skating

There are tonnes of great activities for kids - we love the new trampoline parks (so fun for kids!). But they’re often a little expensive - so why not GroupTogether and gift a pass to their favourite place.

#3 Tickets to a Game

Remember the first time you saw a sports game in a stadium? Incredible! Maybe their favourite team is playing close to their birthday - tickets to watch it live is a gift they’ll never forget.

#4 Birthday Wish from an Aussie Sports Star

If you’re looking for a unique gift then check out Swysh - personalised videos from your favourite Aussie sports stars. They’ve got a great line-up including big names from NRL, Netball, Cricket and even Olympic Sports.

#5 Dance & Gymnastics Mats

Buying a gift for a budding gymnast? Kids tumbling mats are great for gymnastics, dancing, yoga and much more.

#6 Bike

A bike is the ultimate group gift for kids! Nuff said.

#7 Kids Sports Watch

A great way to help introduce an active lifestyle, sports watches can help track activity and sleep while some also have built-in games and challenges. They have a parent-controlled app for peace of mind.

#8 Coaching Lessons

Great for a teen - if they’re keen on a particular sport they might appreciate some coaching lessons with a pro.

#9 Favourite Team Jersey

You can easily pick up great fan gear for kids from Rebel Sport, and there’s no doubt it will be worn every day!

#10 Trampoline

A great gift for kids that will be loved for years to come, and with more safety features than the trampolines we remember - they’re a great gift for kids of all ages.

Organising a coach gift?

GroupTogether and give one great gift and card from the whole team. Just share a link in your team chat and let everyone chip in online. Sooo easy!

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