50th Birthday Presents for Him

By Ali + Julie on 15 Nov 2022

Although it can be dreaded for the birthday boy, friends cannot let a 50th birthday go by without some celebration! But what do you buy him that will make it memorable?

I have a few friends who just turned 50 and they received many small novelty gifts (you know, the funny walking stick, the 50th beer mug, etc.) that ended up either being re-gifted at the next 50th or worse, put into the back of a cupboard for the next decade.

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But what great gift to give? Over a weekend camping trip, I went around to all the men in the campground and asked what they would love for their 50th. Here are their responses:

#1 Hire A Harley Davidson Or Sports Car For A Day

It's fascinating how many men found the idea of renting a Harley for a day to be an exciting adventure! They relished the opportunity to chart their own course while riding the bike and savour the exhilarating freedom of the open road, even if it was just for a day. In Australia, several companies offer Harley Davidson rentals, including:

  • Australia Wide: EagleRider
  • Sydney: Sy’s Harley Davidson
  • Melbourne: Garner’s Bike Hire
  • Brisbane: Morgan & Wacker Harley Davidson

For those that don’t have their motorbike license, hiring a Ferrari or similar was the next best thing.

#2 Experiences, Tours, Or A Weekend Away

Also on the list of most of the men questioned was a weekend (or week!) away with the boys doing what they loved best – and this varied for many of them.

Some examples were:

  • Fishing trip
  • Bathurst Trip (with tickets!)
  • Grande Prix at Phillip Island
  • Beercation (yes, it's a thing!!)
  • 4WD trip
  • Cycling trip

At no point did any of the men say ‘pamper weekend with the boys’!!!!

In the last couple of years, craft beer has become a big thing; and what better way to mark the occasion than to do a day craft beer tour with the boys! Tours are available in almost all capital cities and generally include transportation, taken to approximately 3-5 craft breweries and lunch. Definitely, a day to remember!

Here is a list of some Craft Beer Tours:

  • Sydney: Dave’s Brewery Tours
  • Melbourne: Melbourne Brewery Tours
  • Brisbane/Gold Coast: Hop On Brewery Tour

Otherwise, experiences are a great gift for men - V8 Supercar Laps, skydiving, or learning to fly.

#3 Tech

Most men are eyeing off some new tech at any given moment. Whether it's a smartwatch, headphones or something for the boat. If you know there's something on their bucket list, tech is a great group gift! Just find out what brand/model they want.

#4 BridgeClimb

There are a few iconic bridges that now allow climbers to go up at sunset and experience a spectacular view of the city. A certain level of fitness is required, although you certainly don’t need to be a gym junkie!

Some of the bridges in Australia include:

  • Brisbane’s Story Bridge
  • Sydney’s Harbour Bridge

#5 Sport & Camping Equipment

Kayaking, fishing, camping, riding - whatever his hobby there's NO DOUBT he has some equipment on his wishlist. Often these things are an investment so it's the perfect group gift! And how nice he can think of his friends and family whenever he pulls out that new golf club!

#6 A quality watch

A very special gift that will bring him joy every day. If he's not a fan of smart watches, then a good quality watch is a great gift idea for men.

#7 Lessons

If there's something he's been wanting to try or a passion he'd love to learn more about, then lessons with a pro are a great gift idea! If it's not in your local area, package it up with a weekend away.

Some ideas include:

  • VIP golf lessons
  • Broga (yoga for men)
  • Learning to fly a plane
  • A new hobby he's been talking about

#8 Tickets To A Game or Show

VIP Tickets to your favourite sport (or band!) - how cool! A once-in-a-lifetime experience, and giving VIP tickets makes it extra special. Maybe the game it in another city, so package it with accommodation and dinner.

#9 Annual Beer, Wine or Whiskey Subscription

How about a subscription to a monthly craft beer, wine or whiskey delivery? This is the gift that keeps giving … every month!

There are quite a few subscription companies popping up, but to save you the hassle of looking, here are a few:

  • Bucket Boys
  • Beer Cartel
  • Hops to Home
  • The Whiskey Club
  • Good Pair Days

#10 Montblanc Pen or Briefcase

For the corporate man, a stylish pen or briefcase like Montblanc will bring a little cheer to his day. Plus, it will last for years! If you're thinking about a briefcase-style bag, find out what he's currently using so you can look for a similar function.

Finding the perfect 50th birthday gift for him is a meaningful and heartfelt way to celebrate this significant milestone in his life. Whether it's a thoughtful personalised item, an unforgettable experience, or a token of appreciation, the key is to choose a gift that reflects his personality, interests, and aspirations.

The options are limitless, from practical gadgets to indulgent treats, from adventurous escapades to sentimental keepsakes. Consider his hobbies, passions, and goals, and let them guide you toward a gift that will truly resonate with him. Remember, it's not about the price tag but rather the sentiment and effort behind the present.

Organising a group gift for his 50th?

GroupTogether makes it so easy to collect money and let everyone sign the card online. Give one great gift and a card they'll cherish forever.

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