50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

By Ali + Julie on 15 Nov 2022

Turning 50 is a huge milestone – but what birthday gift do you give to the birthday girl? Some people buy novelty gifts, but usually, they are either re-gifted or put into the back of a cupboard for the next decade. Join together with other friends and get a present that has the WOW factor!

We have created this great list of 50th birthday gift ideas so that nobody buys a mediocre present. Instead, let everyone chip in online with GroupTogether to give ONE GREAT GIFT.

#1 Holiday Voucher

I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t like to have a holiday! A ‘WOW’ present would be a pre-paid holiday for the birthday girl. If you are not sure where she would like to go, you can always buy a voucher from a travel agency. If you're not sure if she can take the time off, make it a special weekend away inclusive of a spa package and dinner.

#2 Jewellery

Jewellery is a great gift for a milestone birthday. It's an investment for quality pieces, and often something we don't splurge on ourselves. You'll need to do some research for this one - are there any jewellery Instagram accounts she follows? What style does she usually wear? Would she like something personalised?

Brands we love include:

  • The Mindful Company (for personalised)
  • Sarah & Sebastian
  • Reliquia (pictured)

#3 BridgeClimb, RedBalloon Voucher or Experience

The BridgeClimb experience is a must! Bring it up in conversation to find out if she's ticked it off her bucket list yet, if not it's a great milestone gift.

Otherwise, RedBalloon is a website that has some really amazing experiences such as skydiving (now that would be fun!), winery tours, hot air ballooning, seaplane to lunch, glamping and much more. Brilliant if you have something in mind, or give a voucher to let her choose something.

#4 Girls Weekend Away

How many times do women get a chance to just hang out and relax? This is the ideal opportunity to spend the weekend together in celebration of her 50th birthday. Whether it's a weekend at a winery, the beach or the city - it will be a memorable way to celebrate with your friend.

Here are some tips to make it happen:

  • Think of somewhere reasonably close that a few friends can easily drive to.
  • Check availability for weekends around her birthday.
  • Book the accommodation for those confirmed.
  • Lock in some special spa treatments for the birthday girl!

#5 Day Spa Voucher

What woman would not want a day spa gift voucher?! The 50th birthday gift is a big one, so that may just be a whole day at the day spa! If you are not sure what type of treatment or when a treatment would be best, just pitch in for a gift voucher to a day spa. We always have a very relaxing time at endota spa - and they have over 100 day spas in convenient locations throughout Australia.

#6 Lessons – Dancing, Meditation, Pottery, Yoga

As you know, 50 is the new 20! It may be time for her to get those dancing shoes on and spin around the dance floor. It's also a great way to make new friends and keep fit.

Check what classes take her fancy - martial arts, yoga, meditation - then get a term pass for her to use. Or if you're not sure, check out ClassPass and she can try a whole range of new activities from local studios.

#7 VIP Concert or Theatre Tickets

Has your friend mentioned any singers they love? Maybe she mentioned a theatre performance coming to town? Getting VIP tickets to the theatre, music concert or festival is a great gift idea as the memories will last a lifetime.

#8 Coffee Machine (With Lessons) or Tech

Does your friend have a coffee machine? If not (and she drinks coffee) maybe it is time she is gifted one! There are so many different types on the market – depending on her skill level will depend on the type of coffee machine to buy:

  • No skill – automatic pod machines may be the best.
  • Minimal skill – pod machines with a creamer would work well.
  • Some Skill – coffee machines that allow you to add in the beans and cream your own milk would work
  • Great skill – definitely need a barista machine!

If a coffee machine isn't on her wishlist, maybe there's another kitchen appliance that is (e.g. a Thermomix)? Maybe there's some other tech that she'd love - gaming, music, etc.

#9 Personalised Photo Book

Making a personalised photo book will take time and effort from those close to the birthday girl, but it will definitely be worth it. You can invite a group of people to edit the photo book online – they can add in descriptions, photos and any special thoughts they have.

#10 Designer Handbag

Most women cannot justify spending money on a designer handbag, but when they turn 50, why not spoil her? There are quite a few high-end brands to choose from, including Armani Exchange, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Jacquemus. There is a huge range of designer labels in one shop at Parlour X.

However, handbags are usually really personal accessories, and unless you can sneakily know what the birthday girl would love to have…if money was no option…you may want to get a gift card to purchase exactly the right one.

But whatever you are thinking, getting a group gift is so much greater than individual presents that most likely will end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere! Treat the birthday girl to a WOW present - it's so easy to do with GroupTogether. Plus, she'll receive a tear-jerking card with messages and photos from everyone that is a beautiful keepsake for years to come. So nice!

Organising a group gift for her 50th?

GroupTogether makes it so easy to collect money and let everyone sign the card online. Give one great gift and a card they'll cherish forever.

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Ali + Julie

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Life’s busy. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to collect money from a group. Less wasted time, less packaging waste, and spending a little less but giving a lot better!

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