10 Best Baby Gift Ideas - From The Gang!

By Ali + Julie on 19 Apr 2023

Baby Shower? Office farewell for maternity leave? We have the 10 best baby gift ideas that will be sure to please the Mother to be!

We found that the best gifts for Mothers-to-be are ones where everyone pitches in and buys a big ticket item that they really need or want! Before you think ‘that’s too hard’, let me reassure you that we make collecting money for a group present super easy. Just share a link and everyone chips in online. Find out here just how easy!

Here are the 10 Best Baby Gift Ideas:

1. Ask Her!

Ask her what she’d really like or really needs. A whisper in her ear, or ask her advice as if it were for someone else. Most pregnant women have a long list of things they’d love. Ask her if she’d like something for her, for the baby or even something that’s not a thing – a pre-bub holiday, a treatment?

2. A Photoshoot with the Baby

Parents take 1 million baby photos, but how many are great? Let a professional take a couple of shots that are worthy of sharing and keeping forever. Buy a voucher from a photographer nearby and let your friend choose the timing – pregnancy, newborn or first year. Get a combo of digital and prints so your friend can keep them close.

If you’re in Sydney’s east, Justine Perl Photography, based in Bondi, has a huge clientele of new mums and families. She can take shots in her studio or at home, with or without props. She has packages starting at $660.

3. Maternity/Baby Hamper

Cute maternity and baby hampers are always a winner! They look amazing and are filled with both essentials and high-quality cute bunnies, toys, and outfits!

When my son was born, I received the most beautiful baby hamper from Little Kisses. It was filled with a beautiful baby blanket, outfit, and bear. Another option is Daily Blooms which also has gorgeous baby hampers and flower hampers.

4. Home Delivered Meals After Bub is Born

Remember when you had your baby … there just wasn’t enough time to sit down and really enjoy your baby. Well, how about getting meals sent to mum after bub is born! That way, it is one less thing keeping her from spending precious time with her new baby.

There are three ways you can do this:

  1. Create a roster of people to bring dinners. If you’re up to it Meal Train can help you schedule everyone.
  2. If it’s better for everyone to chip in a bit and pay someone to cook and deliver, there are companies that deliver homemade fresh or frozen healthy, gourmet meals for adults or families with young kids. We recommend Dinner Ladies or Katering at Home for a series of yummy dinners which can be eaten straight away or loaded into the freezer the following months. Imagine!
  3. Give a gift voucher to UberEATS – that way, mum can order whatever she wants, whenever she wants!! Great for pregnancy cravings but also for tired new mums that cannot leave the house.

5. Massage or Beauty Treatment That's "Maternity Safe"

A soothing massage or spa experience is ideal for the final weeks leading up to the baby's arrival or as a postpartum treat, giving your friend much-needed self-care and rejuvenation.

If you're unsure about the specific treatment or timing that would be most suitable, consider gifting a voucher to a reputable day spa. This allows your friend or family member to choose their preferred treatment and enjoy a blissful time at somewhere like Endota Spa. Alternatively, if they prefer to stay at home, surprise them with a gift card from Blys. They specialize in delivering top-notch treatments right to their doorstep, ensuring ultimate convenience and relaxation.

6. Pram or Furniture for the Nursery

Whether it's a convertible designer cot or a comfortable feeding chair for those late-night hours, these big-ticket items come with a hefty price tag. To make a significant contribution, ask the expectant mother about her desired high-value item, and consider chipping in to purchase it directly or offering a voucher or cash gift.

7. Personalised Jewellery Keepsake

Prefer a more personal touch? Nowadays, the range of personalised options is vast! Consider the following gift certificates:

  1. Breast Milk Necklace: It may sound unusual, but it's a truly unique necklace that the mother will cherish for years to come.
  2. Engraved Silver Personalised Necklace: Capture the baby's essence by engraving their name on a beautiful silver necklace.
  3. Locket with Baby's Picture: Opt for a locket that can hold a precious picture of the baby, preserving the memories close to the mother's heart.

8. A Night Nurse or Baby Sitter Vouchers

We (Julie and Ali) both had twins and more. We’d have traded every present we received for a couple of nights' sleep care of a night nurse! Call an agency in your area and check references carefully. It’s not cheap but worth GOLD!

9. Cleaning or Home Help Services

Arranging for a professional cleaning service or hiring a postpartum doula can greatly support a new mom during the early weeks of motherhood. A professional cleaning service helps alleviate the burden of household chores, allowing the new mum to focus on herself and her baby. On the other hand, a postpartum doula provides comprehensive support, including breastfeeding assistance, newborn care education, meal preparation, light housework, and emotional reassurance.

10. AnyCard

Use GroupTogether for the perfect baby gift from your group!

Go to www.grouptogether.com and we walk you through a quick and easy set up. It lets you collect money for a baby gift from the whole group (colleagues, friends, family - whoever). You just share a link so everyone can chip in online and they can sign a card at the same time.

Then, give the AnyCard so she can choose from 70+ retailers (including Baby Village, One Fine Baby, Dinner Ladies, etc.) and get exactly what she needs.

Organising a baby gift from the group?

Use GroupTogether to take away the hassle and provide a gift they'll love.

Ali Julie Square

Ali + Julie

Co-Founders, GroupTogether

Life’s busy. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to collect money from a group. Less wasted time, less packaging waste, and spending a little less but giving a lot better!

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