What Does The Recipient See?

By Ali + Julie on 31 Jan 2022

Wondering what the recipient sees when you send a gift and card? Preview the experience below!

Giving the gift & card physically

It's easy to give your gift & card physically! You'll need two things:

  1. Card - You can download the card as a PDF and print it at home, or get it printed on nice card stock at Officeworks for $2.
  2. Gift - You can download a gift page as a PDF so you can include it with your card. On the gift page is a URL that the recipient enters to claim their gift. You can also choose to have hampers and flowers delivered, and we'll include a link to the card with the gift.

Giving the gift & card digitally

The recipient will see the card and gift(s) all together. They'll open their card first to read the messages from friends, and then they'll unwrap the gift.

  • Simply share a URL with your friend and they'll click to see their gift and card.
  • OR Forward the gift email we send you title "Here's your gift for XXX".
  • OR If you entered the recipient's email address into the gift store, then you're done. We've already sent the gift email with the card and vouchers inside.

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