How To Send Your GroupTogether Card

By Ali + Julie on 17 Apr 2023

So you've made a card with GroupTogether and everyone has signed it (finally!). Time to send it to the recipient :)

Here are the 4 quick and easy steps to send your card:

  1. Make sure the card is closed. To close the card, click the 'Edit/Close Now' button and then select 'Close now' and then 'Save.'Close the card

  2. Click the 'GIVE CARD' button.
    Click 'give card'

  3. Decide how you would like to send the card - there are 3 options.

    Option 1: Email the card
    Email the card to the recipient

    Recipient details

    If you would prefer to send the card to the recipient yourself, fill in your own details and press 'Send card.' From there, just forward the email you receive from GroupTogether with your card to the recipient.

    Option 2: Print & give
    Print & give

    Option 3: Share a link
    Share a link
    When you press 'Share a link' the URL to your card will be copied to your clipboard. This makes it easy to paste the link into a WhatsApp group chat, Facebook message, or however else you want to share your card.

  4. When you choose to send the card by email, you will receive a confirmation of the date it was sent and the email address it was sent to.
    Email confirmation

Thanks for reading this blog! We really hope that the tips provided have helped you to send your card quickly and efficiently. But, if for any reason you're still struggling or have any questions, our awesome support team is here to help! Just use our live chat feature, and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any further help!

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