Best Group Gifts for Boys 9-12

By Ali + Julie on 11 Apr 2023

Want to group together to give one awesome gift that will be lovvvved! Check out these.

We don’t sell gifts. We just make it easy for you to collect money from friends to buy them. And we create a keepsake group card with messages and pictures from the group.

Don’t shoot the messenger! The prices and links provided are correct for a base model at the time of publishing in Australia.

1. DJ Kit – For Garage Parties or the Budding DJ Business

Imagine the excitement on his face as he unwraps this incredible package, revealing a world of endless musical possibilities. With a DJ Kit, he'll have everything he needs to embark on an electrifying journey into the realm of music production and mixing. This is the ultimate gift for the music-loving, budding talent in your life!

2. Acrylic Pool Table – Maybe Give Up the Dinner Table and Use This Instead!

Designed to captivate the senses and provide endless hours of thrilling gameplay, this remarkable gift is perfect for a 9-14 year old boy who loves the excitement of billiards. The Acrylic Pool Table combines innovative design with impeccable craftsmanship, featuring a crystal-clear playing surface that adds a touch of elegance to any space.

3. Underwater Scooter – Awesome!

  • 3.2km/h in a very compact, lightweight design.
  • Only for children 8 years and older
  • 5.4KG design you can carry in one hand – Various safety features including safety grille, positive buoyancy and auto shut off, dual trigger operation
  • Run time of up to 1.5 hours
  • NEW MODEL with GoPro mount

4. Foosball Table

The Foosball Table is a timeless centrepiece that instantly transforms any room into a hub of excitement. Designed to ignite the competitive spirit and create lasting memories, this remarkable gift suits a 9-14 year old boy who loves fast-paced action and friendly competition.

5. Electric Guitar – Soooo Cool!

Unleash the power of music with the ultimate gift for a 9-14 year old boy who dreams of rocking out on stage: the Electric Guitar. The Electric Guitar is more than just a gift; it's a gateway to self-expression, creativity, and boundless imagination. From the very first strum, it empowers them to unleash their inner rockstar.

Samsung WAM 1500 Wireless Multi-Room 360 Sound Speaker

For boys who love listening to music, the Samsung Wireless Sound Speaker is a great group gift! It is designed with a speaker that spans its entire circumference, so that sound can travel clearly though any room. It is wireless and features a wheel-dial controller to choose music; at $238, it is designed with the quality materials that allow it to last many years to come.

7. GoPro – One of the Hottest Group Gifts of the Moment!

Capture the world from a whole new perspective with an awesome gift for an adventurous and curious boy: the GoPro. Get ready to witness his sense of wonder and excitement as he embarks on thrilling adventures and captures every moment in stunning detail. The GoPro is not just a camera; it's a passport to adventure, allowing young explorers to document their journeys and share their experiences with the world.

8. Kindle

For the little bookworm in your life, Amazon's Kindle is the perfect gift. The Kindle is not just an e-reader; it's a library at his fingertips, offering an entire collection of books in a single device. With a vast selection of e-books available, he can discover new genres, dive into thrilling series, and embark on incredible literary journeys.

9. Beats by Dre

Introducing the ultimate gift for a 9-14 year old boy who has an ear for music and a passion for immersive sound: Beats by Dre. Prepare to witness his excitement as he discovers a whole new level of audio excellence and style. With plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband, he'll enjoy hours of uninterrupted music without discomfort.

10. Xbox, PlayStation, Video Games, iPad Mini, iPhone

Too obvious to highlight but impossible to leave out. Any of these that they don’t have, they want. Check which is the favourite. Getting it wrong would be an “epic fail”!

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