30th Birthday Gift Ideas They'll Love For The Next Decade

By Ali + Julie on 23 Jan 2024

It’s finally here...your mate is crossing over to the dark side. Regardless of how many people tell them 30’s are the new 20’s, they’re likely feeling a little apprehensive about the new era of hangovers and pressure to have bubs from mum and dad.

To lighten their mood and show them you care here are a few 30th birthday gift ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Our top picks

The overall best 30th birthday gift: Cast Iron Perfect Pot - $320 from Perfect Place

The best 30th birthday gift on a budget: Tea Towels - $19 from Hommey

The best 30th birthday gift for women: Birthstone Necklace - $159 from Kirstin Ash

The best 30th birthday gift for men: Bucket List Experience Gift Box - $110 from WeWander

Gifts Under $50

Tote Bag - $35 at baggu.com

Turning 30 means it's time to stop using those free tote bags and upgrade to something a little more stylish. We love Baggu tote bags - they come in heaps of fun colours, they fit a laptop and are made with recycled cotton canvas.

AeroPress Go Coffee Maker - $45 at anacondastores.com

Whether they're a camping enthusiast or just a coffee lover, the AeroPress Go is a staple kitchen item for anyone turning 30. It has been designed to provide all the brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress, but with a drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case. How clever! It brews American, espresso and cold brew style coffee in about a minute, plus it's lightweight, durable and compact making it perfect for camping and travelling.

Tea Towel - $19 at gethommey.com

If you're on a budget there's still plenty of great gift options! Our manta - give the best version of something small that they wouldn't normally splurge on for themselves. We absolutely love everything at Hommey - their tea towels are an elegant design and will be loved every single day (literally). Crafted from ultra-absorbent cotton, and available in eight unique designs so you can pick the perfect colour for your friend.

JBL Go 3 Waterproof Speaker - $48 at jbl.com.au

30th birthday present ideas for men are not easy to come by. Some of the best gifts are those that your loved one can use every day, making The JBL Go 3 Waterproof Speaker a practical 30th birthday gift for men. It doesn’t matter how many cans are thrown over this speaker it won’t blink an eye.

Online Classes - from $15 at masterclass.com

Give the gift of knowledge for their 30th birthday pressie. MasterClass offers people the chance to learn from the best with bite-sized lessons. It's a streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 200+ of the world’s best whether it be in business and leadership, photography, cooking, writing, acting, music, sports and more. They've got some amazing speakers - from Gordan Ramsay to Matha Stewart!

Around the Table Cookbook - $45 at wholesomemarket.com.au

A great cookbook is a tried-and-tested gift, and this one covers great recipes for everyday cooking. Beloved home cook Julia Busuttil Nishimura understands the power food has to bring people together, whether that's to prepare a meal or enjoy the delicious results. With recipes ranging from quick, flavourful meals for busy weeknights to simple indulgences for summer feasts, Around the Table perfectly matches dishes to time and place. It includes recipes laden with personal meaning - Mediterranean classics from Italy and Malta, and Japanese dishes Julia has learned from her husband, Nori - that will soon become favourites around their table, too.

"Open When" Letters

A beautiful gift for a friend who is far away. It may sound like something straight out of The Notebook but these letters are a special and creative gift. You can include notes such as "open when you’re sick" and include a flu remedy, or a stress relieving technique to help them through hard times. Handmade intentional gifts like this make for great 30th birthday gift ideas.

Gifts $50 - $100

Flowers - from $75 plus delivery from dailyblooms.com.au

Getting flowers on your birthday is so spesh!!! Let your friend feel the love with a bunch of seasonal blooms delivered to their door. You can't go past the You Beauty bouquet from Daily Blooms (pictured) which can be delivered nationally.

Men's Signet Ring - $89 at armsofeve.com

A classic men's jewellery gift, the Arms Of Eve "Kai Ring" is a signet style with a square twist. It will be a staple in their outfit in no time.

Recipe Notebook - $58 from papier.com

For the Gordon Ramsey of the group. Papier carries the cutest recipe journals that make a perfect gift for any cooking enthusiast. With sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats it saves them from losing track of their go-to recipes. Papier carries a whole heap of adorable notebooks that make gorgeous 30th birthday present ideas for coworkers too!

Pottery Kit - $80 at crockd.com

Pottery kits and classes are super popular right now! There's a good chance your friend has it on their bucket list. The Crockd Pottery Kits are a fantastic way to give them a taste for the craft - they're Australia’s favourite DIY clay kit for adults built around getting out of your head and into your hands. Every Crockd Pottery Kit comes with their signature Crockd clay, which is eco-friendly, locally sourced and perfectly moist. And the best part...once the creation is complete, it can either be fired in your local kiln or air dried from home. Who knows, this thoughtful gift could spark a new hobby for them!

TIP: If you'd prefer to give an experience rather than a DIY kit, check out Class Bento for amazing workshops and classes from pottery to cooking to basket weaving and more.

Stirling Ranges Crystal Whisky Decanter - $97 from maltandbrew.com

Turning 30 means elevating your drinking game from a six pack of beer to a nice whiskey (at least every now and then). A crystal whiskey decanter will be enjoyed by your pal for many years to come. We love the stylish yet rugged look of the Stirling Ranges Decanter by Malt & Brew. Inspired by the stunning Stirling Range in WA and its landscape, it's a striking addition to any home bar.

Aesop Room Sprays - $73 at aesop.com

As far as 30th birthday gifts go you can really never go wrong with a delicious-smelling room spray. Aesop provides a complete sensory experience with each boujee room spray being accompanied by a musical number that represents the scent within, your friend will be feeling out of this world relaxed with their new fave pressie.

Yoga Mat - $89 at lululemon.com.au

For your friend whose in their yoga era. Lululemon's LightWeight Yoga Mat is a must-have to take to classes or for at-home workouts.

Amber Quarts Salad Servers - $75 at thewholesome.store

For all the dinner parties they’ll be throwing in this new era of sophistication, choose these gorgeous salad servers from The Wholesome Store. The brand is born in the Gold Coast by nutritionist Ellie Bullen and stocks heaps of beautiful unique brands. The perfect one-stop shop for all things cute home decor which makes it a great site to save for your 30th birthday presents for her listicle.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Large) - $100 at The Good Plant Co.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy plants and that’s pretty much the same thing. For your plant-loving friend or new homeowner, a plant like the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great gift. Known for its striking structure and dramatic, glossy leaves, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a must-have for adding style and elegance to the home.

Gifts $100 - $200

Birthstone Necklace - from $159 at kirstenash.com

A personal birthday gift for her, the 18K Gold Vermeil birthstone necklaces from Kirsten Ash are a truly elegant gift. Every stone is natural, creating subtle colour variation from stone to stone making each necklace uniquely beautiful.

Kirstin Ash is an independent Australian jewellery brand, founded in 2008 by siblings Nick and Kirstin. Their timeless pieces are designed in-house by Kirstin, whose style embodies elevated effortlessness. We're huge fans!

Lunch Bag - $110 at yeti.com

This one is for our tradie pals. They'll be the talk of smoko with the YETI Lunch Bag. In true YETI fashion, it keeps food fresh for hours and is super easy to keep clean. It has a water-resistant exterior and roll top so you can easily fit in all of your snacks.

Book Subscription - from $110 at wellread.com.au

A bookworm will love you for supporting their passion. Choose a book box subscription like that from WellRead. You can pick a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month book subscription which sends them a carefully selected book based on their preferences each month. A thoughtful 30th birthday pressie for your bookish friend.

Puffball Lamp - from $165 at dennisdidit.com

I didn’t believe Feng Shui was a thing until I stumbled across the lighting from Dennis Did It. As soon as I clicked on their website I felt instantly calmer, with so many stylish designs and artsy decor pieces this would make a unique 30th birthday gift for him or her.

Cotopaxi Cross Body - $140 at cotopaxi.com.au

Stop your friend from smashing their phone screen on their adventures with this awesome pack from Cotopaxi. The bag fits all of your essentials, can be worn as a fanny pack or as a cross body and is full of colour. A perfect 30th birthday pressie for any avid walkers or dog parents out there!

Bucket List Experience Box - from $110 at wewander.com.au

For the mate who can’t sit still and is always booking the next trip, consider gifting an experience that feeds their love for memories over material things. We love the WeWander boxes as the lucky recipient receives a physical book of experiences to choose from, making it feel extra spesh! The book includes a range of experiences from Alpaca meet and greets (yes that’s a real thing) to kayak hiking and deep sea diving. A must-add to your 30th birthday pressie list!

Sleep Sound Machine - $129 at hatch.co

The best 30th birthday present is the gift of sleep. This has been popping up all over my for you page and for good reason! After finally caving in, I purchased one for myself (a self-proclaimed insomniac) and the reviews aren’t lying- it’s a game-changer! A perfect pressie for your friend who is always tired. This smart sound machine plays sleep sounds inspired by nature and backed by science, supports your natural circadian rhythm, and sets a dreamy nightlight and peaceful sounds to wake you - see ya triggering iPhone alarms!

Square SQ1 Polaroid Camera - $199 at instax.com.au

Choose a gift that will come in handy in capturing their favourite moments. The easy-to-use Instax cameras allow you to take pictures and instantly print them so they can bring what they love to life. A useful gift for capturing their next 10 years of adventures.

Gifts $200 - $500

Art - $220 for a canvas print at bunantomurunart.com

They’re thirty now so they’re not only flirty but they’re sophisticated. Celebrate that by choosing a beautiful piece of art to go in their home. Ask them for some ideas of pieces they like or choose a voucher to a local artist. Katrina Graves is a proud Wiradjuri Women based on the Gold Coast her pieces are beautiful and elevate any space.

Carry-On Luggage - $325 at july.com

A ripper 30th birthday gift for men and women is good quality carry-on luggage. July luggage is a game-changer! Designed to hold the maximum amount that’s allowed inside the cabin with you (yep, pack that extra pair of shoes!). It has an ejectable battery that is approved for flying across all major airlines. And wheels that will actually last.

Vegepod - from $329 at vegepod.com.au

For our granola girls and boys, choose this self-watering raised garden bed. A unique 30th birthday present, Vegepod have heaps of different sizes to suit all housing types and they’re portable which is perfect for renters. A great gift to spark a new hobby as an adult not only is gardening stress relieving but they can share their produce with you. A win-win for everyone!

Caravan Country Escape - from $210 per night at riparide.com

It’s tricky trying to find unique 30th birthday gift ideas and at first this may seem like a been there done that present, but hear us out! Riparide is an Aussie company that have curated the coolest holiday rentals from caravans to tiny homes and beach shacks. The featured escape is a rustic caravan stay in Kangaroo Valley (just 2 hours from Sydney) and it looks totally gorgeous! Give a voucher for your lucky mate to have some R&R away from the city.

Theragun Mini - $349 at therabody.com

A magical 30th birthday pressie. The Theragun will change any avid gym junkies or pilates girlies’ life. Your loved one can wave goodbye to their aches and pains, improve their recovery and take it with them everywhere. Plus, it has a Bluetooth feature so they can access a whole library of wellness routines to improve their everyday life.

Our Place "Perfect Pot" - $320 fromourplace.com

Nothing says hello to a new decade like chic cooking pots. Since all the wellness girlies outs this year are to kick endocrine-disrupting cookware to the curb, choosing beautiful pieces like the pots from Our Place make a perfect 30th birthday pressie.

PS: If you're happy to splurge a little more, you can't go past the O.G. in cookware with Le Creuset Cast Iron dishes. A culinary classic, the Le Creuset has been loved by cooks across the world for nearly a century. Their casserole dish is great for stews, roasts, soups, casseroles and even baking.

Gifts $500+

Bedding Bundle - $580 at bedthreads.com.au

This has to be one of the ultimate 30th birthday gifts! Everyone has Bed Threads bedding on their wishlist, but it's a little out of budget for most people. If you're happy to splurge on your friend (or maybe get everyone to chip in with GroupTogether) then one of their bedding bundles would be a fantastic option. They have some amazing pre-set colour combos so you can't go wrong.

R.M. Williams Boots - from $649 at rmwilliams.com.au

A beautiful gift that will last them a lifetime, R.M. Williams boots are a quality gift for a big milestone birthday like thirty. Not only are they iconic, they’re also supportive asf which is a NEED so your friend can continue cutting shapes at the rest of the gangs dirty thirty celebrations.

Dyson Air Wrap - from $899 at dyson.com.au

Every influencer and their mother have been hyping this product up. The Verdict? Well it’s worth the hype. A great gift for a 30yr old woman who believes 30’s are the new 20’s. With a whole host of customisable options for which accessories you’d like included, it’s one of those gifts your friend would love but might not spend the money on themselves.

BBQ - from $549 at zieglerandbrown.com.au

Every man loves his BBQ. At this point, it’s almost a cultural icon in Australia which makes it the GOAT of 30th birthday gifts for men. Unlike their Weber counterparts, Ziggy’s are Aussie-made and come in heaps of different sizes and types. Plus, their shop has heaps of accessories which could make it a great op for further gift ideas down the road because men can certainly be tricky to buy for at times.

It’s The Thought That Counts

Sometimes we get so caught up in buying a gift that we forget what buying a present is really about - making our loved ones feel special. A lot of the time, people don’t need new things to find a place for. Throw a party, get all their friends to sign a huge group card or just take them out for coffee if you know they prefer one-on-one time.

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