Best Ever Group Gifts for Kids that Stay Favourites for Years!

By Ali + Julie on 4 Apr 2023

So Julie and I have 7 kids between us (we both have boy twins and more) and there were some gifts that were loved for years by kids of a huge age span. So here’s our go-to, most loved list. Enjoy! You’ll probably need to group gift these as they are expensive but worth it!

1. Trampoline

If you can squeeze a trampoline in, do it!!! Great for the kids from toddlers to teens. Get everyone to Grouptogether for the biggest one you can fit and make sure it it’s safe – springless and netted. Our kids hooked up the hose, make shift basket ball hoops, threw plastic balls in it and teddies – hours of healthy fun.

2. Water play

Whether it’s diving in the pool for spoons, squirting water pistols or running through the sprinkler, playing with water on a hot Summer’s day is ageless kid fun. Here’s our all time fave – a lilypad – it’s a floating rubber mat that has space for everyone and it never gets a hole. It’s expensive but lasts forever and is heaven for kids aged 2- 52.

3. Basketball / Netball hoop

Again, this lasts years and is fun for a large age range. For the real littlies, a small one is better. As soon as they’re bigger, it’s worth investing in one that’s proper and sturdy.

4. Ride on!

My kids (particularly my boys) were obsessed with ride on electric cars and scooters. Get good ones and they work properly, go fast and are years of fun. Whether it’s a pedal-less scooter, a Razor or a double ride on rechargeable car, you pretty much get what you pay for. That’s why we’d suggest doing the group gift thing.

5. Mega construction kits

Lego is always a fave (or duplo to start) but whichever construction kit, you never have enough pieces or enough kits. GroupTogether to group gift a huge set that’ll keep them stimulated and learning 3D visualisation. It’s really important for girls as well as boys to learn these skills early in life.

6. Books or kindle

Well, this needs no explanation. A kindle or set of books or a gift card from Booktopia is a no brainer group gift. We can help with letting everyone chip in, sign the card and supply the e-gift card to buy the books, kindle or give the e-gift card itself.

7. A kid fave – the Playstation or XBox (for Karaoke and …)

So not the parents’ favourite but …. Let everyone chip in for the box or the games. We used it for karaoke when the kids were small and we all laughed and loved it!

How to GroupTogether

So easy – we take the hassle out of getting everyone to chip in for the group gift and add a message to the card.

  1. Go to and create and share a link.
  2. Friends click to chip in and sign the card – even upload a photo.
  3. You withdraw the cash or use it to buy a gift from our retail partners.

Take the hassle out of organising a group gift with GroupTogether

Set up in less than 2 mins.

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Ali + Julie

Co-Founders, GroupTogether

Life’s busy. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to collect money from a group. Less wasted time, less packaging waste, and spending a little less but giving a lot better!

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