10 Best Gift Ideas For Teachers

By Ali + Julie on 15 Nov 2022

You’ll see on every Facebook mums groups at the moment “Hit me with your ideas for a gift for teachers!” with lots of suggestions of candles, personalised stamps, chocolates and mugs. Interestingly though, when we surveyed teachers, they were clear that these types of gifts aren't actually what they really want.

Mostly, teachers would love a few words of appreciation from the kids and parents. But if you are going to get a gift, here's what they told us:

96.9% of teachers would prefer a gift from the whole class

When we surveyed teachers and educators, an overwhelming 96.9% said they would prefer a gift from their whole room or class, instead of individual gifts.

This sentiment ties in exactly with what we found since co-founding GroupTogether. We realised that people don’t want “more stuff” and the associated waste (time, effort, wrapping paper, plastic packaging, unwanted gifts). Instead, they'd prefer ONE great gift and that's why we created GroupTogether - to make collecting for a group gift easy.

"Definitely pool gifts with either the whole class or other families if cost is an issue to avoid 20 boxes of $5 chocolates."

90.7% of teachers voted a gift card as their top gift

Gift cards are the clear winner, in fact, 90.7% of teachers and educators would prefer a gift voucher rather than other choices like hampers or handmade presents.

It means the teacher can put it towards something they really want or need. We've seen everything from red leather skirts to putting the gift card toward groceries so they can host their whole family on Christmas day.

So whether you're looking for gifts for daycare, kindy or school teachers - here's our roundup of 10 unique gift ideas for teachers and educators.

#1 A Heartfelt Card + GroupTogether AnyCard

The ultimate gift for teachers is a gift card everyone has chipped in for, plus a super cute card signed by the whole class. Yes, that sounds like a headache to organise. But not with GroupTogether!

You can set up a collection in a few minutes, share the link, and parents simply click to pay and sign the card online. No more awkward reminding, or as one parent told us, “I don’t have to stalk other parents in the carpark”. It's also a more inclusive option for a class gift - parents can't see what each other has contributed and you can also let parents sign the card without contributing.

Here are our top tips:

  • If you're worried a gift card doesn't feel personal enough, a beautiful group card filled with messages and photos from the whole class makes it feel really special. The Teachers want to know that their efforts have made a difference, so encourage parents to write something that shows they've noticed e.g. think about something their child has learned, an experience they enjoyed, or words directly from the child about what they like about the teacher. Add a photo to make it feel extra personal.
  • We see the GroupTogether AnyCard is the most popular choice - it lets the teacher swap it for any number of eGift Cards from 70+ leading brands including David Jones, Myer, Rebel Sport, JB HiFi, Apple, Woolies, Coles, Dan Murphy's and The ICONIC.
  • Print the card and voucher on nice cardboard at Officeworks. It costs less than $2 and will look amazing when you hand it to the teacher!

#2 Gift Cards

While we see the GroupTogether AnyCard is the most popular choice, you can also choose from a range of eGift Cards if you've got something in mind for your teacher. Sports fan? A Rebel Sports voucher. A tech guru? Maybe a JB HiFi voucher would be perfect. A fashionista? Then give a voucher to The ICONIC.

"Whole class gift voucher works a treat, although as a teacher any form of appreciation from a student or parent is treasured."

#3 The Gift Of Relaxation: Day Spa, Facial or Massage

If you’re feeling frazzled with your child, imagine how stressed their teacher feels dealing with an entire classroom of students. Give them the gift of relaxation with a voucher for a day spa, facial or massage. We've always had an amazing experience at endota spa where they’ll have their choice of a massage, facial or beauty service. They could also use the gift card to stock up on beauty and wellness supplies at home.

#4 Tech

We all love the latest gadgets, so why not give your teacher a gift card to get some new tech? Maybe they’ve had their eye on a smartwatch or a new TV. Or maybe they need something practical for work. A gift card like JB HiFi or Apple will let them choose something they really need, taking the stress off you to pick the “perfect” present.

#5 A Night Out

Rather than giving 20 individual boxes of chocolates, consider a voucher from a whole class for a night out at one of Australia's amazing restaurants. Especially being the end of the year - it's the perfect time to celebrate. So special!

A voucher like Gourmet Traveller will let them choose from leading restaurants all around the country.

#6 A Classroom Gift (Ask The Teacher First)

Ask the teacher! Consider a combo - something for the classroom plus a voucher for them. Unfortunately, teachers are often out of pocket buying resources for the classroom so see if there's something they'd LOVE that the parents can chip in for and give at the end of the year.

#7 Experience Gifts (e.g. BridgeClimb Sydney, gold class movie tickets, etc.)

Want to give an unforgettable gift? Consider gifting an experience like BridgeClimb Sydney, Gold Class movie tickets or a RedBalloon voucher so they can pick from hundreds of options. They have everything from winery tours to cheese making!

#8 Fashion

Is your teacher a fashion lover, or maybe just strapped for cash and grateful for something new to wear? An eGift Card from The Iconic, David Jones or super upmarket store like Parlour X would be a treat. We've had teachers tell us they were able to buy a few new pairs of shoes for teaching that would last them the whole next year!

Whether your teacher is a 25-year old woman or a 60-year old man, there’s sure to be something they love. It could be a new coat, a pair of shoes, designer handbag or cool yoga gear.

#9 Pot Plant + Voucher

A pot plant is a really thoughtful gift - it lasts longer than flowers and only gets better with time! Pair it with an eGift Card so they also choose something special for themselves.

With GroupTogether, you can do it all-in-one. Choose from a huge range of plants from The Good Plant Co. in our Gift Store, and we'll include a link to the card and AnyCard on the note that arrives with the plant. So special!

#10 A Weekend Away

Last but certainly not least, a weekend away or a travel voucher will be much needed by any teacher by the end of the year. Expensive accommodation can often be a turn-off for a holiday, but if the whole class chips in they'll be able to splurge for some well-deserved R&R.

What not to give the teacher as a gift!

When we asked teachers, of course they're grateful for anything. But if they can give some advice, they really don't need:

  • Scented candles (they gather dust in the closet)
  • Mugs (ditto)
  • Chocolates or Food items (dietary restrictions, expiry dates, etc.)
  • Toiletries (hand cream, soaps, perfume, etc.)

"Thank you but I have a whole cupboard of unmatched mugs. And food made by the children sounds lovely but we’ve seen where those fingers have been."

What gift will you choose to give the teacher?

So, which of these gift ideas for teachers jumped out at you? Do you need help organising a group gift for your favourite teacher?

Here at GroupTogether.com, we make the gift-giving process hassle-free. From collecting money from other parents to supplying an eGift Card or gift, we’ve streamlined the process to make it simple for everyone.

Not sure exactly what your teacher would like? No worries! Give an AnyCard that lets your teacher choose their preferred eGift Card from any of our retail partners. It’s also highly personal because everyone gets to write a message and include a photo, making it a beautiful keepsake for the recipient!

Ready to make the teacher's day?

GroupTogether lets everyone chip in for a gift and sign the card online. We collect, remind and keep track then provide you with the finished gift and card.

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Life’s busy. That’s why we’re here to make it easy for you to collect money from a group. Less wasted time, less packaging waste, and spending a little less but giving a lot better!

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