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Great Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Has Everything

If you've landed on this blog, you're obviously on the lookout for the perfect gift ideas to celebrate the incredible women in your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place because you've just landed in the GroupTogether bible of gift ideas for women. Whether you're shopping for your ride-or-die bestie, your fabulous mum, or treating yourself like the queen you are (because self-love, baby!), we’ve got your back with these gift ideas for the woman who has everything!

By Ali + Julie

March 24, 2024

Gift Ideas

Beautiful Housewarming Gift Ideas That Will Spark Joy

So your friends have moved into their new space? Whether they’re buying or renting in this market that’s a cause for celebration! Here are heaps of ideas to put a smile on their face while surrounded by boxes, eating Uber Eats non-stop and having yet to connect to the internet.

By Ali + Julie

February 4, 2024

So your friends have moved into their new space? Whether they’re buying or renting in this market that’s a cause for celebration! Here are heaps of ideas to put a smile on their face while surrounded by boxes, eating Uber Eats non-stop and having yet to connect to the internet.

Gifts Under $50

Washed Linen Napkins - $49.95 at

A cutie housewarming present idea for our neutral home decor lovers. This set of 4 100% linen tea towels makes a beautiful addition to their kitchen.

Franklins Original Texas BBQ Sauce - $18 at

The perfect housewarming party present! The pit master of the group will love this sweet and tangy Texas-style barbecue sauce. Perfect for grilling, smoking meat or drizzling over bacon and eggs. A new fave to go into their condiments cupboard.

Bottle Opener - $40 at

Nothing screams a flat-warming gift like opening a bottle of wine so what better gift than the implement to do so? Celebrate their new digs with this quality stylish corkscrew.

Ollson’s Sea Salt - $49 at

Fancy some salt from the Eyre Peninsula? This sounds niche, but hear us out because it’s a #cultured gift choice. Fun fact, the act of giving salt as a housewarming gift is viewed in many cultures as symbolizing the home as a sanctuary for new homeowners. This award-winning salt has a great taste without the nasties. It comes in a cute reusable jar accompanied by a mini salt spoon - ADORABLE!

Olive Oil Trio from Goldi - $50 at

There’s no better housewarming present than helping get the pantry sorted! Choose this trio of olive oils and balsamic vinegar, grown and pressed at farms in the Goulburn Valley and Mallee. They’re sustainably sourced, and award-winning and include the CUTEST branding with a 500ml bottle of Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a 500ml bottle of Punchy Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a 250ml bottle of Aceto Balsamic Vinegar. Chefs kiss!

Basket - $29 at

A perfect new home gift for our friends on a budget. They can use this basket for anything their heart desires - collect veggies from the garden, store blankets in it for a chilly night or chuck your dirty washing in there - the uses are endless!

Gifts $50-$100

Flowers - from $75 plus delivery from

There's nothing that says 'home' quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Congratulate your pals with a bunch of seasonal blooms delivered to their new door, we love the You Beauty bouquet from Daily Blooms (pictured) which can be delivered nationally.

Cheese Knives - $52 at

Whenever friends drop by, I love putting together a cheese board, and I've longed for knives as stylish as these to showcase. Elevate the sophistication of their new space with these sleek and functional knives. The pointed blade effortlessly tackles hard cheeses, the curved spreader is perfect for soft cheeses and skewering charcuterie, and the wide blade handles semi-hard cheeses with ease. These knives are the ideal addition to make their housewarming party truly remarkable!

Leather Wrapped Tape Measure - $55 at

You ALWAYS need a tape measure when you’re nesting! A gorgeous housewarming present idea is this beautiful leather-wrapped tape measure. They’ll be so happy with this cute one to carry around while they’re wondering if it’ll fit.

Vacuum Seal Coffee Canister - $55 at

For our baristas and coffee enthusiasts, keep their roasted beans fresh for longer with this coffee canister which is vacuum sealed. This cute little contraption increases the life of beans by 50%. Less waste, more coffee = happy mates!

Bubble Glass Jug - $65 at

Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? Look no further than the delightful Bubble Glass! Whether your friends are settling into a new space or just need a pop of fun in their kitchen, this mood-boosting glassware is sure to bring smiles all around. With its playful colours and versatile design, it's the ideal addition to any home. Cheers to new beginnings and cozy tea moments with the Bubble Glass!

Cast Iron Skillet - $99.95 at

Everyone needs at least one quality cast iron pan in their home. This one is non-toxic, oven safe and they can even use it on the BBQ. Endorse as the best pick on Epicurious with over 12,000 ratings on Amazon with 4.6 stars, this makes a pretty great housewarming gift.

Hand soap duo - $99 at

Interrupt their mundane routine with joy with this luxurious Lillypilly Hand Wash 500ml and Kakadu Plum Hand Balm 500ml—a thoughtful flatwarming gift for the new homeowner.

Porcelain Bowls with Glass Lids - $79.95 at

Winners of the 2021 Good Design Award, these versatile bowls in Blush, Mint Gelato, and Cloud colours make storing, freezing, heating, and eating a breeze. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality for any new home!

Hommey is one of our faves for housewarming gifts. Brighten up their kitchen and day with this fun apron from Hommey. The canvas composition makes it durable and the big pocket at the front is perfect for shoving random cooking utensils.

House Number(s) - $89+ at

A very cool housewarming gift. A collaboration between Mud Australia and Vince Frost, from creative agency, Frost. These handmade porcelain house numbers have a playful yet refined look. Plus the company is sustainably minded which we love!

Wild: The Naturalistic Garden - $79.95 at

'This extraordinarily useful compendium should be required reading for anyone aspiring to ... a gorgeous garden.' - New York Times Book Review

This is a gorgeous housewarming present idea for new homeowners looking to renovate their new digs. A thoughtful coffee table book full of endless garden landscape ideas published by Phaidon Press.

Sourdough Kit - $99 at

We all know a friend who made sourdough baking their entire personality throughout lockdown. Give the gift of their very own starter kit to keep their passion going now they’ve returned to the office. Alternatively, this could make a cool housewarming gift to help someone tick ‘make bread’ off their bucket list!

Olive Bowl by Rittle -$95 at

A great housewarming gift for your trendy friends. Hand-built in Melbourne by ceramicist Ellie King this cute little bowl is not just for olives but perfect for them. Approximately 7cm x 10cm.

Fish Butchery Book - $70 at

Have an angler in your midst? Then this a perfect housewarming present idea. The book features detailed instructions on how to prepare fish as well as over 40 recipes including fish sticks, pies, sausage and chorizo. The author Josh Niland is looking to instil sustainable fishing practices in his readers - j’adore!

Gifts $100-$200

Bowl/Centrepiece Ferm Living - $169 at

Help them make their space feel lux with this elevated bowl. They could use it for fruit or just as a gorgeous centrepiece for dinner parties. A great housewarming gift for the host of the group.

Salad Serving Set - $120 at

Another beautiful housewarming present idea for your hosty friend. Spice up the salad bowl with a salad serving tong set, made from forged brass this set will be there go-to when guests come over.

Google Nest - $79 at

For the tech-inclined friend choose the Google Nest⎯with its compact design, it's suitable for any room. This fun bit of tech creates personalised routines for a seamless daily experience, has calling capabilities using Google Duo and is compatible with a variety of smart home devices including smart lights and smart plugs. A perfect flatwarming gift for your techie friend.

Dinosaur Designs - $200 at

How freaking cute are these bowls?! This beautiful salad bowl will add a touch of fun to any kitchen and makes a great housewarming gift for your alty friends. Dinosaur Designs are Australian designed and made, plus the company is sustainably minded which gives them extra brownie points in our books!

Bean bag - $177 at

Help make their new pad a comfy space for them to binge-watch Netflix, drink their morning coffee or for all our work-from-home people a new spot to migrate to throughout the day. It’s a great housewarming gift for those moving into smaller spaces as you can move it freely around the house. Available in 3 gorgeous colours and made from 100% linen this is a no-brainer.

Lamp - $105 at

The cutest lamps come from Dennis Did It. This portable metal touch lamp is not only gorgeous to look at but it doesn’t have a cord so their cat won’t be able to rip everything off their bedside table when it’s playing. The lamp charges via a USBC cord when needed and is super energy-efficient, which is great for saving pennies on the electricity bill.

Rack - $160 at

This fun hanging rack adds a nice touch to any entryway. Ideal for coats, bags, towels and hats. It adds a unique yet utilitarian element to their home. The rack comes in a range of colours to suit any style - a practical and cute new home gift.

MoMA Chess and checkers board - $110 at

For your #cultured friend, choose this 2-in-1 chess and checkerboard from the Museum of Modern Art. We love its bright and bold colours which are unlike your traditional chessboard. A cool housewarming gift for your cool friends.

Gifts $200 - $500

Barebones Pulaski Axe and Sheath - $239.99 at

Whether it's your brother, dad, best friend, or grandad, envisioning cozy moments by the new fireplace or enjoying some wood-chopping sessions in the backyard is a common daydream. Help them bring those lumberjack dreams to life with the perfect housewarming gift – the Axe and Sheath.

This exceptional tool allows for effortless swinging, thanks to its weighted head, while the wide-angle, 1055 high carbon steel split blade ensures a consistently sharp edge. The 8.5mm solid steel corre throughout the wooden handle secures the head and prevents it from flying off preventing any unexpected trips to the emergency room.. There's no doubt this will be the topic of discussion over the BBQ if they get this as a new home gift.

Aesop Oil Burner - $240 at

A fantastic present to welcome them to their new home is the collaboration between Studio Henry Wilson and Aesop. This oil burner is cast in solid brass which makes it suited to any interior. They just need to add 4-5 drops of your favourite essential oil or pair it with the Aesop Beatrice oil burner blend to create a beautiful tranquil space for them to relax.

Niko June Mugs Set of Two - $205 at

Yes, you read that correctly a set of two mugs for $205 - just hear us out! A morning coffee for most people is a ritual, one that gets them through their hectic workday and gets them up in the morning for said workday. That means the vessel they drink their coffee out of must be divine and fill them with joy. At $102.50 a mug and created by Denmark designer, Niko June, you really can’t go wrong. Seriously, look how cute they are!

Formantics Retro Vessel - $225 at

A unique housewarming gift, this hand-made ceramic vase and stopper is a gorgeous addition to any home. Founded by Susan Christie, each Formantics piece is crafted from local materials - LOVE!

Aarke Soda Fountain - $300 at

Soda Stream? No, thank you! This Aarke Soda Fountain elevates the kitchen area with its minimalist and compact design. A perfect housewarming gift for sparkling water lovers or health-conscious folks who love gin and sodas. There are a range of colours to choose from so it will suit any home aesthetic.

Google Nest Doorbell - $330 at

If they already have a Google Hub, gifting them a doorbell that will fit in with their home system is a great housewarming present idea. They won’t miss a person or those jeans they were dying to wear on the weekend. With the Nest Doorbell you can see clearly day or night, access old recordings or see in real-time, plus, it’s super easy to install.

Baina Essential Bathroom Towel Set - $388 at

The hallmark of towels, Baina creates interesting designs that will fit into any home. For a functional and luxe housewarming gift buy them the bathroom set of four which includes two hand towels, two bath towels and a bathmat to ensure a cohesive space.

Waverly Mills Throw - $349 at

Since 1874, crafted in Tasmania, these 100% alpaca products offer unmatched softness and elegance. Choose from three earthy tones: forest, terracotta, or cobalt. Made in the last mill of its kind in Australia, they are a testament to tradition and quality!

Firepit - $319 at

Everybody loves a backyard fire, it's a spot that’s bound to create some great memories with friends. A perfect housewarming party gift for those gathering in winter. The firepit makes an attractive centrepiece for the garden or patio. Don’t fancy a fire pit? It also functions as a water feature or bird bath - we love a diverse piece!

Gifts Over $500

Want to gather your group to buy an unforgettable housewarming gift they'll treasure forever? Use GroupTogether to easily pool money from all your friends and buy them one great gift.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole Dish - $690 at

Good quality cookware is sort of like socks or underwear, you never want to buy it yourself. So you really can’t go wrong with a classic kitchen dish as a flat warming present. A perfect gift to come together as a group and pitch in money on GroupTogether. Made from cast iron, with a 4.7 litre capacity it is ideal for cooking an array of dishes for up to six people. A practical piece they will cherish for years to come. Choose a bright La Creuset colour or keep it sleek and simple with the cast iron black we all know and love.

Kitchenaid - $700 at

Looking for the ultimate gift to surprise your baking enthusiast friend or the cook who never leaves the kitchen? Look no further than the Kitchenaid! This bad boy isn't just any kitchen accessory – it's the superhero of all things culinary. Say hello to endless possibilities and goodbye to kitchen stress! Trust us, your foodie friend will be over the moon with this game-changing gift.

Kamado Joe Smoker - $2, 299 at

Every man loves his BBQ. At this point, it’s almost a cultural icon in Australia which makes it the GOAT of 30th birthday gifts for men. But what elevates it to legendary status is a charcoal BBQ; the Kamado Joe grill will be the envy of all his mates. It produces a smokier and more robust flavour than gas, and the use of wood chips adds extra flavour. Plus, their shop has heaps of accessories which could make it a great op for further gift ideas down the road because men can certainly be tricky to buy for at times. It's sure to become the centrepiece of his backyard gatherings for years to come.

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