Popular Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Make Their Heart Sing

By Ali + Julie on 30 Jan 2024

Valentine’s Day - is that now? YES! V Day is in fact on a Wednesday this year (Valentine's Day is on the 14th of February every year). So, leave yourself time to get something together.

Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts evoke different responses from different people. Ridiculous commercialised day or a chance to sprinkle a little romance and fun into a new or “eternal” relationship? We’ll leave that to you to decide. We just help make it easier to make a fuss of your Valentine.

PSA: Whatever you do (or don’t do), don’t forget a card! The rest is just icing on the cake.

Take note rose lovers, we have advice from James Stevens, founder of Mr Roses so your grand romantic gesture actually gets there on time and with the desired “ooooh” effect.


Our top picks

The overall best Valentine's Day gift: At-Home Couples Massage - $238 at getblys.com

The best Valentine's Day gift on a budget: Koko Black Chocolate - from $20 at kokoblack.com

The best Valentine's Day gift for women: Rose Heart Necklace - $89 from armsofeve.com

The best Valentine's Day gift for men: Wine Glasses - $110 at reidel.com

Gifts That Are Free

Yes, the best things in life are free (but sometimes they take a lot more effort). So, we’ll give you the option and some great inspo!

Create Something

Where are my hopeless romantics at? Write a poem, a song, a drawing or a beautiful card with genuine sentiment. Point out the things about your Valentine that are unique to them or that you value most. There’s nothing better in life than being loved for who you are. Need help with words? We’re shameless fans of Chat GPT around here. The tool can help get your creative juices flowin' but it’ll only be meaningful if you add your insights and perspective.

Organise A Special Date

Make them dinner, a picnic or do the thing they’ve been asking you to do forever! (And a card).

Thoughtful Notes

Feeling crafty? Take a pack of cards and stick a note on each with the top one saying “52 reasons I love you”. 52 too many? Fold up sweet love notes and put them in a jar for them to pull out daily.

Mix Tape

For the Valentine who’s a music lover or far away and just too hard to deliver to, a “Mix Tape” done 2024 style is a beautiful gesture. You can actually create a new playlist on Spotify and share the link. To share a Spotify playlist, open a playlist of choice, tap the three vertical dots (⋮), select Share, and choose your preferred sharing option.

Gift Under $50

36 Questions That Can Lead To Love - $9.50 at etsy.com

Want someone to REALLY fall in love with you, or just want to connect more deeply? Almost twenty years ago, psychologist Arthur Aron and colleagues conducted research to explore whether it was possible to help strangers create closeness and develop a relationship by asking a series of specific personal questions. For example “How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people's?”

There are 36 questions and they gradually increase the intensity of self-disclosure.
So if you looking to build greater intimacy in a relationship or really spice up your next Bumble date consider giving it a try.

Tip: You can DIY some cards and print at home, check out the questions HERE.

"Breathless" Aesop Massage Oil - $43 at aesop.com

If you want to add something to DIY massages, we love Aesop because it feels gender neutral and Australian owned.

SALT BY HENDRIX Rose Soak - $35 at adorebeauty.com.au

This just looks heaven! Made with Pink French Clay and White French Clay, this bath soak is boujee. Added Rose Petals not only smell gorgeous but help to moisturise and calm skin. It’s an Australian brand that’s vegan and cruelty free too - love!

Tommy John Underwear - $25 for 2 pairs at tommyjohn.com

Sick of the holes in his underwear ruining the mood? Keep it simple with these minimalist and not loudly branded undies. They come in black and white so you really can’t go wrong.

Koko Black Chocolate - from $20 at kokoblack.com

Chocolate for Valentine’s Day is a classic for a reason. It’s decadent and sweet and produces dopamine - the happy hormone. Koko Black just does it well (and they’re Aussie). Apart from the quality of the chocolate itself, the packaging is so chic, best in class for a contemporary style and you can choose the design you like plus a matching card. We love a one-stop shop - 10/10! But let’s stop fangirling over packaging and get back to the quality for a second. It’s couverture chocolate, made with 100% cocoa butter – with zero palm oil and other vegetable fats involved. This gives it a rich, smooth when melted, and a premium “snap” (that’s a chocolatier’s term for that satisfying oomph when you bite into a block).

In terms of price, start from a cute Jar of Hearts called “Truly Madly Deeply” with milk and dark chocolate hearts for $20. Handcrafted with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, supporting 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.

This brands the real deal. Plus, if you want to gather a few extra points, there’s personalised packaging so you can have your sweetheart’s photo on the box too. Winner!

Note: Same-day express delivery optional for our seriously late lovers out there.

Australian Food Cook Book - $49 at dymocks.com.au

Bill Granger’s cookbooks are classics of contemporary Australian cooking. Big on style, low on fuss and always presented beautifully.

Yeti Tumbler - $25 from yeti.com

I know, I know. Doesn’t everyone have a reusable coffee cup? This is the latest favourite though. Its double-wall vacuum-insulated shape keeps the steam on your caffeine and has a great magnet lid to protect from any spills. It’s trendy so they need it duh!

Gifts $50 - $100

Bath Salts For Him - $56 at adorebeauty.com.au

Looking for something more masculine, check out Hunter Lab’s bath salts in cool black packaging.

J'ai Soif Carafe and Glass - $89 at Maison Balzac

For the stylish lover, this would look super chic on a desk or the bedside table. This Aussie brand is even sold in museum gift stores for its timeless beauty - how iconic?! Choose a colour that suits - from sophisticated smoke to indulgent pink, it’s something you wouldn’t buy yourself but will love using every day. While you’re at it buy one for your bedside too!

Bialetti Moka Express - $60 from davidjones.com

Sometimes the best doesn’t come with the heftiest price tag. This is a CLASSIC, an antique if you will. The design was inspired by Art Deco architecture and women’s skirts in the 1930s. The Bialetti is a stovetop that produces a viscous, denser (stronger) coffee that's not quite as thick as espresso, nor as watery as a filter. We love the retro look and that it’s highly rated by the purists.

Moonlight Cinema - $86 for 2 at moonlight.com.au

You don’t even have to be a film buff or have to see the best film ever. The vibes are high just being outside on a Summer’s night, under the stars, with a glass of your favourite something in your hand, crunching and munching something salty or sweet together. You can kanoodle if you like or talk through the movie without people going bananas at you too. There’s a Moonlight cinema in Sydney Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Personalised Leather Luggage Tags - $80 at monpurse.com

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo. But you want someone who'll help you catch the bus," — Oprah Winfrey

For the traveller - monogrammed luggage tags. First of all, it’s so glam. And second, it avoids the nightmare of someone picking up your identical bag - win, win. Want to make it even better? Add an Apple tag so you can track it in Cairns when you’re in Melbourne. Or bigger … personalised luggage in dreamy colours from July (made in Australia) is fab. You can start with the luggage tag, and add an overnight bag that can slide onto the top of your wheelie.

Silk Eye Mask - $55 at theiconic.com.au

Oh you are so thoughtful! A silk eye mask is an absolute winner.

Tip: DIY a stay over kit. Put together some basics and make it special with a silk eyemask or GHD. Add a shower cap, perfume, deodorant, toothbrush, underwear, whatever they need. It’s not an invitation to move in but it’s a great gesture that saves them lugging the kitchen sink back and forth during the week.

For a cheaper option, we love this Monogrammed Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set for $30 from Cotton On.

Medium or Art Gallery Subscription

- $59 for a Museums Victoria membership

- $105 for an Art Gallery of NSW membership

For our cultured couples. Museums and art galleries lift the spirit and expand the mind. What better gift than that!

A membership to a gallery is a beautiful gift that makes them feel more connected, in touch with regular magazines and updates as well as discounts to exhibitions, museum shops etc.

It also helps to keep these places running so it’s a gift for your whole community.

Ottolenghi: The Cookbook - $55 at dymocks.com

Ottolenghi’s cookbooks are best sellers for a reason. BIG flavours. Just plain YUM and won’t leave you a shopping list the size of your thesis. My favourite is still the original one. The pages open on their own to my fave recipes due to the splatter of delicious flavours. If you prefer only veggies, choose the latter ones. Sidenote: if you don’t like splattered books, maybe get a stainless steel cookbook stand from Williams Sonoma too ($75).

AirTag and Key Chain - $8 holder + $54 for Airtag at cygnett.com.au

Not a classy romantic gift but might be a game changer for your relationship if your partner Is Mr “Wheres-my?”. An AirTag and key chain attachment so they can click their phone and the keys buzz. Game changer! Buy one from Woolworths and add an $8 leather holder from Cygnett. FYI - yes it is stalking if you plant one in their car too!

Event Tickets

Whether it’s tickets to Pink’s tour of Australia in February, James Blunt, a sporting event or the Comedy Festival, tickets for two don’t come cheap. But it’s a gift that’ll likely never be forgotten. Making it the recipe for a Valentine’s Day gift that’ll go down as “best ever”.

Here are a few starting points to find just the right thing:
The Melbourne Comedy Festival and TicketMaster for big music and sports events

Shower Gel For Him - $78 at adorebeauty.com

A shower gel that’ll make his body smell delicious. Check out Dior’s Sauvage Shower Gel.

Align Tank Top - $89 at lululemon.com

We love this tank top, but really anything Lululemon would be perfect. Don’t be fooled. It’s not about comfort. Good gear makes you look a lot better and feel better (even before the lunges). So, for the gym junkie, yogi or general wellness enthusiast, some new (more) gear is always welcome. Steal a look at their size, choose something new (similar to what they’ve got) and they can always swap it. We love Lululemon because it’s just so flattering and it doesn’t cause wardrobe malfunctions. No see-through tights, no “camel toe” and no zips that dig in. The ones with deep pockets for phones are great because contrary to what many designers think chicks love a good pocket. Plus the caps and accessories are stylish with subtle branding. Search complete - you’re welcome.

Rose Heart Necklace - $89 from armsofeve.com

Aww! Young love. It’s the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Just lovely. Going gooey right now thinking about some lucky person receiving this. The sweetest. Perfect! It’s all beautifully packaged in a box ready to give too. It comes in a gold or silver colour. They also have a cute bracelet for $50 called Peggy in fine gold with white beads. Super summery and light.

Looking for something less Valentine-y, simple and yet polished, the Sylvia Gold Snake Chain Necklace is gender neutral and is stylish for every day.

If it’s more of a Tiffany & Co. style you’re looking for but at less than 100th of the price, run don’t walk to the Kane Gold Necklace. The links are substantial and interesting.

Men's Leather Bracelet - $90 from theiconic.com.au

There’s something about a man wearing jewellery… These leather bracelets seem to suit most men, a single one, a chunky cuff or a whole assortment stacked. It works with a suit or a T-shirt. If he already has one, add a new one from you. If he doesn’t, this could be the start. This one is refined yet rugged at the same time. It’s also refundable if he’d prefer something else and it comes in a cute black box too.

Cheese Subscription - from $75 at milkthecow.com.au

Not everyone is a chocolate lover. For others, it’s all about cheese. I mean who can blame them? So, is there anything better for a cheese lover, than a cheese subscription - no there is not! Imagine the joy on their face when two or four (your choice) artisanal cheeses are delivered to them every month.

Their subscriptions are $75 for 2 cheeses or $105 for 4 cheeses each month.

It’s an ever-changing selection of ripe and ready cheeses, curated by their cheesemongers. Each delivery includes up to 150g-200g portions of each variety of artisan cheese, crackers and tasting notes.


Gifts $100 - $200

A Dozen Red Roses - from $149 at mrroses.com.au

We asked James Stevens, founder of Mr Roses. Take note!!!

“Well, the smart money arranges delivery on the 12th or 13th of February (note: Val’s Day 2024 falls on a Wednesday!) and perfectly sets up their date night for Valentine's Day. Takes out that anxiety of not knowing when the roses will be received on the actual date. Of course, nothing beats the excitement of receiving red roses in front of all your work colleagues. Whether it’s embarrassment upon receipt of your roses or an opportunity to show off, it’s a fun day. I do advise a work address ideally as recipients may not be at home or are busy at their residential addresses. A courier can’t tell if you are in the shower, blow drying your hair, trying to get a baby to sleep or on a work call. These are all real situations which should be considered. And they certainly can’t wait around, especially on such a busy day. Many addresses are simply not safe left outside if the recipient is not home or access can not be gained in apartment blocks.

By the way… anything other than red roses on that day is someone who is not serious about the relationship and is cutting corners. On that day, that is the only flower that should be sent and graciously accepted by a caring understanding recipient.

Also please sign your card message. A single person may be receiving multiple deliveries!!”

Polo Shirt - $170 at venroy.com.au

Ugh! Clothes can be difficult right? Start here… Venroy offers a small edit of basics done a bit better but at a price point that won’t make you sweaty. We like this one as a start because it’s a staple that can go from date night to weekend barbie.

Amazin Co. Mystery Picnic - from $150 for 2 at amazingco.me

This is so fun. Start by solving personally curated clues and riddles that’ll take you on a journey to collect your special gourmet picnic food bit by bit. Each clue you solve will lead you closer to your next picnic food pickup and even closer to your final gorgeous picnic location.

It includes:

  • Unique day out experience with stunning picnic-style lunch and sample locally sourced produce.
  • Games and conversation starters to enjoy along your way.

Assouline Coffee Table Travel Book - $185 at theiconic.com.au

For the home stylist, who lives their life pinning home decor. This is what they’d buy themselves if money was not an object. These books look AH-MAZING. Choose the one that fits their colour scheme or fits your dream destination together.

Cocktail & Dumpling Class - $198 for 2 at classbento.com.au

We love the idea of making Asian cocktails and dumplings in a dumpling restaurant, but there are heaps of “handmade” classes via Class Bento across Australia including pottery, perfume making, jewellery making, etc. The Cocktail & Dumpling experience is a perfect Valentine’s Day date for foodies or just a new experience to be enjoyed. Shake two cocktails and learn to make house dumplings with one of their instructors! This class takes two to three hours and includes a hearty meal of dumplings (around 15 per person). Vegan and gluten-free options are available too.

Unisex Bath Robes - $149 at gethommey.com

Whether your Valentine is silk lingerie or bonds cotton tank top and undies, something new is always welcome for the happy homebody. Check out Hommey. Ethically made and super cute colours, this brand will zjuszh up your home with yummy robes, velvet cushions, cosy towels and more.

Soldered Bracelet - $195 at sarahandsebastian.com

Make it an experience by booking an appointment at Sarah & Sebastian and go together to have a gold bracelet custom fitted onto their wrist. “Soldered” is Australia’s original permanent jewellery experience. Using the traditional jeweller’s flame (apparently not actually scary), they solder the solid gold chains with no clasp as a permanent bracelet.

Engraveable Necklace - $189 at kirstinash.com

Getting jewellery for someone is nerve-wracking. Do they have ears that are allergic to some metals? Will they like it? Do they even like me? Stop your anxious thoughts...we’ve got you. We love the Fold Spinner Necklace from Kirstin Ash as a Valentine’s Day gift as it’s timeless, elegant and you can engrave something on it too if that’s the vibe you’re going for. There’s no chance of allergies or size boo-boos. It comes in a beautiful gift box so it feels luxe.

Note: The great thing is if your Valentine prefers something else, it can be refunded as long as it’s not engraved already.

Couples "Flauna" Float Tank & Sauna - $139 at citycave.com.au

If your Valentine loves pampering, wellness or you want them to be forced to have some proper time out, this might just be the thing. Be warned this is not a go for anyone with claustrophobia -check that unless you want this to backfire, d’oh! Infrared saunas melt the stress and apparently detox you too. Generally, people like saunas because they cause reactions like those caused by moderate exercise, such as vigorous sweating and an increased heart rate. An infrared sauna gives these results at lower temperatures than a regular sauna.

Wine Glasses - $110 at reidel.com

Make that average wine better or good wine great by drinking it from a nice glass. That’s not just our view. Wine connoisseur Michael Steinberger calls them the Manolo Blahniks of stemware. He says the Bordeaux Vinum glass works for most wine types (other than the obvious - champagne, etc). Perhaps team this with a good bottle of wine and an invitation to a Valentine’s Day date on the balcony? CUTE!

Gifts $200 - $500

Signet Ring - $350 at cameronstudio.com.au

Men who wear rings <3. We’re crazy about this Bank signet ring from Australian brand Cameron Studio. It takes a classic piece and makes it contemporary. Being sterling silver means it’ll be fine after a surf and in perfect condition for the grandchildren!

At-Home Couples Massage - $238 at getblys.com

OMG couples massage at home. Heck Yes! We like Blys because they come to you. Need it like walking in the door last minute? Easy - gift card it is. Send it digitally or deliver it in a card with a chocolate heart or a bottle of bubbles and you’ll be the champion of Valentines.

Silk Robe - $240 at theiconic.com.au

Lingerie is a Valentine’s Day classic but super hard to get a perfect fit and style. A silk robe is the opposite. You’d feel glam even making kids’ lunches in this beauty. There are long versions too. Choose black (more practical) or this gorgeous cream for real decadence.

Bubbles, Burrata and Bocconi class or Ravioli, Ricotta & Rosé class (Rosebery) - $270 for 2 at omnomcheese.com

In a word… YUM! Choose a class that suits and whether you end up becoming an expert or just having a great time learning more (and eating and drinking), it’ll make for a great story. Take a look at the options. There are virtual cheese “Masterclasses” if that’s more convenient as well as gift vouchers too.

GHD - $270 at theiconic.com.au

No one wants to do the walk of shame with bad hair, they want to look cute doing it. This is the classic hair straightener that can be used as a curling wand - we love versatility around here! Add this to their kit that stays at your place.

Boat Hire - $230 for 2 hours at goboat.com.au

No boat licence required!

We live on a big island. A boat sounds like a pretty glam way to escape together. Well, even if you’re not a tech bro billionaire, you can enjoy the feeling of jumping on a boat and throwing an anchor somewhere heavenly. Goboat will rent you their boats without you having a license. They say that all their Danish-designed picnic boats utilise recycled materials and are powered by a state-of-the-art zero-emissions electric motor direct from Germany - fancy! They can also hook you up with a cheese board, esky, portable speaker and it can fit up to 8 people if you prefer to make it a Galentines event. Book it or give a gift voucher and you’re away!

1982 Chain Bracelet - $350 at curtis925.com

Looking for something more rugged but still super pared back and cool, Australian brand Curtis 925’s 1982 Chain Bracelet feels unique and substantial.

Gifts $500+

Unyoked "Jojo" Cabin (NSW) - $726 for the weekend at unyoked.com

Tiny, gorgeous cabins in the middle of nature. Like is there anything better?! Just the two of you surrounded by peace and quiet. Book a weekend away or give a voucher so you can swoon over the choice together.

As they say, Attenborough-level nature, all to yourself. Every one of their locations is hand-selected to make you feel a million miles from civilisation, but be within easy access from your home or office. It's like going for a multi-day hike only skipping ahead straight to the results. Silence, freedom, total seclusion. Nothing but you and nature. That's Unyoked.

Espresso Coffee Machine - $619 at breville.com

Make the morning after better. ‘Nuff said. Consistently rated the best espresso machine for beginners, this is the “go to”. The Breville Bambino Plus is simple to use and produces consistent espresso shots and silky frothed milk.

Thergaun Mini - $349 at therabody.com

On everyone’s list including Alix Earle's gift list for men.

Theragun mini has the power, packed into an ultra-portable cutie. It’s 20% smaller and 30% lighter, Theragun mini claims to relieve aches and pains and improve recovery. Plus, it's Bluetooth-enabled so you can access our whole library of personalized wellness routines in the Therabody app.

To us it’s a great massage that you can do for your Valentine or DIY.

That's a wrap! We have you covered on all types of gift ideas. Those that cost nothing, that are for the last-minute kinda person, for the person who values experiences over things and the person who loves beautifully packaged treats.

Need to organise a group gift?

Let everyone chip in and sign the card online with GroupTogether. It's free and easy, like love should be.

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