Best Gifts for Tweenager Boys

By Ali + Julie on 28 Feb 2023

There are so many amazing group gift ideas for boys that it was hard for us to keep the list down. To help you find the perfect group gift for a tweenage boy we’ve divided the list up by types. Is he mad about sports, gaming, music? Figure out his interests, and then check out our go-to-guide for amazing gifts for boys in the tweens.

We’re all about buying the gift that lasts, so some are on the $$$ side – that’s why it’s best to GroupTogether for them. If 20 boys chip in $15 each, OMG! one AMAZING gift. If you’re nervous about the awkwardness of setting up a group gift for your own child – don’t be, group gifts are the new black. GroupTogether takes the awks away with cool invitations and examples of polite ways to phrase the invitation. We also send reminders, collect contributions, track responses and transfer the gift funds as well as create the perfect card with everyone’s messages and photos.

If you’re still not sure, you can always ask a friend to set one up for you. Or better yet, use GroupTogether’s free concierge service to do it for you. But first, check out our best gift guide.

For the Boy Who Knows What He Wants:

Too easy – Give him the birthday money or a gift voucher to go shopping with friends

For the Sporty Boy:

The group gift list is endless: bicycle, hover board, surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, skis, regulation soccer goals, tennis racquet, golf clubs, fishing rod and tackle box (seriously, we could keep going). His gang will love to chip in for the gift that he will love.

For the Gamer:

This is the sweet spot for group gifts. Gaming Consoles pretty much start at $300 and go up from there, think X-Box, PlayStation and now the next-gen, highly covetable Nintendo Switch. Then, there are the games themselves, retailing for around $80 for new releases. When the gang chips in together, your boy will be set for the next few months!

For the Book Worm:

Dive into the drama, sci-fi, comedy and adventure that only reading books can bring you with an e-book reader. There’s a wide variety available now and if you want to splurge, you can even buy a gift voucher to start his e-book collection. Or if he loves the hardbacks, then a gift certificate from his favourite bookseller should do the trick.

For the Music Lover:

Does he constantly listen to music? Then these two gems are the perfect picks for him. Wireless headphones that can be used with a tv, tablet or mobile phone. If he’s more of the hanging out with friends type, then a waterproof portable speaker that he can put into his backpack and take to the park, the beach or to a mate’s place is another perfect choice.

For the Tech Head:

For the boy that loves the latest gadgets, a tablet and WiFi access to watch his favourite videos, TV shows & movies. No more fights with siblings over the remote control, he will be completely sorted. There are an enormous variety of tablets available at all price points that will be sure to please him.

For the Movie Buff:

What better way to spend weekends then at the cinema with your mates watching the latest movies on the big screen. The perfect group gift is e-gift vouchers from your local cinema. For a real splurge, buy him gold class and he and his friends can enjoy in style.

For the Thrill Seeker:

Sign him up for any number of courses or experiences to get the adrenaline flowing: from rock climbing, surfing, bmx riding, trampolining, bungee jumping, zip-lining to go-kart racing. There are a wide variety of experiences that are sure to thrill, so check your local listing for availability.

For the Musician:

Whether he wants to be the next Calvin Harris or Ed Sheeran, a group gift of a guitar, keyboard or DJ set is the perfect start to his musical journey. As a splurge you can even get him the amplifier to get the whole rock star vibe flowing.

How to Collect for the Group Gift Without the Awkwardness

Ever collected from friends before? Inviting kids to a party and asking them to chip in for the gift your child would really like, can seem awkward. However, we believe that group gifts are the “new black”. Why? From the perspective of the other parents, chipping in together is a god send. They don’t have to: figure out what gift your child would love, calculate if they can afford it, make a trip to the shops to buy it + wrapping paper + card or remember to bring it. It removes all of the uncertainty and anxiety of buying the right gift.

From the perspective of the parents whose son is having the party, the idea of one great gift he will love and appreciate for more than 2 days is amazing. The awkwardness is in the etiquette of inviting and asking for a gift at the same time. Some parents are completely au fait with this and GroupTogether alleviates the awkwardness by providing examples of polite ways to phrase the invitation. Other parents would rather ask a friend or family member to set it up for them. Both ways are polite and you should choose which one suits your personality best.

Either way, makes it easy. It’s free and fast to set up. Then we do the rest: invite, collect, remind, create a group card and transfer the money or an e-gift voucher to you.

Organise the perfect group gift with GroupTogether

Let everyone chip in and sign the card online

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