The 20 Best Gifts Of 2022

By Ali + Julie on 17 Mar 2022

Everyone wants to give that AWESOME gift - you know the one that makes your friend’s face light up when they open it? That they post on Instagram or you see them still wearing 3 years later. It feels great to spoil the people we love and see them enjoying something special they wouldn’t have otherwise bought for themselves. But how do you pick an amazing gift?

Some people just have a knack for it (and lucky you if there’s someone like this in your life). These people will remember a brand you mentioned loving or a restaurant you want to try. If you know a friend’s birthday or special occasion is coming up, try and pick up these hints they drop.

We’re also becoming more conscious of what we consume - surrounding ourselves with less ‘stuff’ and choosing to live more sustainably. This has transcended gifting as well with people giving more purposefully, or grouping together to give one great gift that’s really wanted or needed.

If you’re in doubt, ask!

“We’d love to put in and get you something really special for your birthday - is there anything you’ve had your eye on that you’d really love?”

Try and find the thing they’d LOVE to splurge on but never have - a luxe item of clothing, some art or perhaps an indulgent experience.

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top 20 things at the top of your wishlist in 2022 (as told by you)! These are things people actually want, so you know they won’t end up in the re-gifting pile. On average, we see birthday collections add up to around $350 - so most of these gifts are around that price.

#1 Facial, Massage or Day Spa

This is at the top of the wishlist for so many of us! It’s can be a treat just to take an hour out of the day for a little pampering. But with a price tag often starting at a few hundred dollars, a deluxe facial or treatments at a day spa aren’t something we’d often splurge on for ourselves. If a few people chip in you can make it a truly memorable experience either be choosing a luxury salon, adding extras like champagne or making it a shared experience - perhaps a close friend or mother/daughter package.

#2 "Non-Lockdown" Clothes - Winter Coat, Evening Clothes, Etc.

After a few years of lockdown, we’re reaching for those clothes in the cupboard we haven’t needed for a while (pretty much anything other than tracksuit pants!). Coming into winter, a new good quality coat is at the top of the shopping list. And with events being scheduled again, a few new evening dresses or dress shirts. These items can add up quickly, so giving your friend an eGift Card to somewhere like David Jones or The ICONIC will let them pick some fabulous new clothes to zhuzh up their wardrobe.

#3 Accommodation For A Night Away

Oh, how we’ve missed the feeling of a night away from home! Whether it’s a stay-cation or somewhere further abroad, a night away is a thoughtful gift to help someone celebrate a special occasion. Check out packages or add-ons to make it extra special - a bottle of champagne on arrival is a simple but thoughtful touch.

#4 Art

We’ve seen a number of GroupTogether collections go towards purchasing a piece of art, and we think it’s such a special way to bring joy every single day to your friends and family. If you’re thinking about purchasing art as a gift, you’ll need to do your research. Try bringing up in conversation to see if there’s an artist they particularly like or check which artists they follow on Instagram. It’s so important now more than ever to support our local artists and creatives, so this gift is a win-win!

#5 Botox

Yes, it’s a thing! Over the last few years, botox has seen a steady rise in demand. Some are putting it down to the “Zoom Boom” - we’ve been inspecting our appearances more than usual and we’re turning to more cosmetic treatments to feel like the best version of ourselves. If you know Botox has been on your friend’s wishlist, ask them about receiving it as a gift (it’s not just for women either). You can even make it a full day experience by adding in other spa treatments. What a treat!

#6 Activewear & New Runners

There’s no denying activewear is the new casual wear! But (and there is one), the t-shirt from 20 years ago with more holes than swiss cheese doesn’t quite cut it. If your friend is someone who lives in activewear, then they’ll absolutely LOVE some new pieces to add to the mix. Make sure you know the brand/s they prefer, or if in doubt give an eGift Card. We love Lorna Jane, Lululemon and P.E Nation plus all of the old guard including Nike, Adidas and Champion.

Another great gift for your sporty friend is a new pair of runners, especially if you know they’re the type of person to wear a pair till they’re falling apart. It can be expensive to buy good quality runners, so give an eGift Card to FootLocker or Rebel Sport and they choose the perfect fit.

#7 Tickets To A Show

Musicals, sporting events, concerts and comedy. They’re often one-in-a-lifetime events that are truly memorable. There are a few big acts touring Australia in 2022/2023 (hello Ed Sheeran!), State of Original finals tickets might just make someone’s day, or a family pass to Cinderella the Musical. Pair it with a restaurant voucher or a night’s accommodation in the city for a truly special experience.

#8 Charity Donation

The start of this year has certainly been a solemn reminder that there are people in the world, both near and far, who need our support. Often financial support to the right charities is the most direct way to help, which is why we make it easy for you to donate a portion of your GroupTogether collection to charity in honour of your friend. Find out if they have a charity close to their heart, and I’m sure they’ll appreciate you carving off 10% of their gift to a worthwhile cause.

#9 Kayak & Sporting Equipment

A fantastic gift for kids (young and old). Whether it’s a kayak, trampoline or electric scooter - giving that bucket list sports equipment will guarantee hours of fun for the whole family. If you’re giving it to a child, don’t forget to run it past the parents first.

#10 Nice Sheets

While not the first thing you might think of when picking a gift, nice sheets might be at the top of your friend’s wishlist. Yes - it’s practical and something they’ll use every day. But investing in expensive sheets is a luxury and not often something we’ll splurge on for ourselves. We love Bed Threads! Their bedding bundles are around $350 making them a great group gift.

#11 AirPods & Headphones

Without a doubt, a good pair of headphones will be used and loved every single day! They’re one of those “I couldn’t them without them” items. Everyone has a personal preference - perhaps it’s Apple Airpods, noise-cancelling over-ear headphones or some water-resistant earbuds for the gym. If you’re not sure, an eGift Card to JB HiFi will let the lucky recipient choose their own.

#12 'Luxe' Skincare

Okay, we’re not suggesting giving your friend a 10 step anti-ageing skincare set out of the blue…awkward! But the reality is many of us would love to splurge on that ‘luxe’ skincare, so for a close friend or someone in your family it might be an appropriate gift.

Unless they’ve talked about wanting a specific product time-and-time again, the safe option is to give them an eGift Card to David Jones or Sephora, You can suggest you’ve heard them mention they’d “like to splurge on some new skincare” - this approach is sincerely thoughtful and gives them the choice to pick exactly what they’d like.

#13 Smart Watch

If you know your friend has one on their wishlist, smartwatches make a great group gift. Who wouldn’t be delighted to open up the latest Apple Watch for their birthday! As always, finding out what brand they’d like is a must.

#14 Babysitter & Dinner Date

This is a really thoughtful gift for a friend with kids! Pay for a babysitter for the night and treat them to a dinner date at a special restaurant. Ask everyone to chip in for the voucher so your friend can really splurge! They might have an all-time favourite, or want to try the new place with rave reviews. If you’re not sure, an eGift Card such as The Gourmet Traveller will let them choose from Australia’s leading restaurants.

#15 Chanel No.5

Timeless. Perfume and cologne is a gift that will never go out of fashion.

#16 Float Session & Other Bucket List Experiences

Float tanks or ‘sensory deprivation’ tanks are said to provide a number of health benefits including relaxation, stress relief and detoxification. They ease mental anxiety and muscle tension due to how buoyant the water solution is - similar to experiencing zero gravity. Sounds bliss! With their rise in popularity over the last few years there’s likely one near you, so give your friend a gift voucher for a float session and treat them to a little R&R.

#17 Something For The Home

After spending so much time at home, we’ve all become a little more conscious of creating a more curated space. Less clutter. More good quality homewares and furniture that bring us joy and last a lifetime. Maybe they’d like a coffee machine, indoor plants or cubby house for the kids.

If they work from home, you might want to check out these 20 gorgeous gifts for people who WFH.

#18 Necklace

Jewellery is a sentimental gift full of love. Giving your friend jewellery is giving them something that makes them feel beautiful. It’s a great gift at any age and for any occasion. If everyone chips in, you can give a piece that will last a lifetime.

#19 New TV

It’s 2022 and the difference between a ‘new’ TV from the last few years and anything before that is astonishing. But, they come with the price tag to match. If your friend is overdue for an upgrade, chipping in for a new TV could be the perfect gift idea for a milestone birthday or engagement present.

#20 Fashion Investments

Handbags, manbags, shoes & sunnies. All essentials. All items you really want to pay a little extra knowing it will last 10 times longer. These fashion investments make great gifts - they’ll be loved for years to come!

Organising a group gift?

GroupTogether makes it easy to collect money for group gifts. Just share a link and let everyone chip in and sign the card online. Sooo easy!

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